canon_eos_550dVideo marketing is on the rise. It has been for some time, and thanks to emerging technology and the role video can play in SEO, it has become a well utilized tool.

Now, you don’t have to be a technical video wizard to pull off great marketing videos, but there are certain tips and tricks that you can use to bring out the best in your work. As we have discussed many times before – the content of your videos is incredibly important.

This post will provide you with some simple tips that are designed to make sure that what you create will stand out above the crowd. It is not one for video production professionals – this is for small business owners who are keen to get creative themselves.


The video production landscape is becoming ever more accessible and now there are a lot of bits of kit and materials that you can afford and that are easy to use. A lot of HD DSLR cameras are performing at a level that most professional camcorders perform, yet are a fraction of the cost. This will make sure that your image quality is high, and that there is appeal to your video in the first place. These cameras are leaps and bounds beyond older consumer grade equipment.

table top dollyOn top of the camera, there are other tools you can invest in to make your videos look better. Most of these tools, like the tabletop dolly can create amazing tracking shots that add a real polished look to your videos. There is nothing worse than doing too much handheld tracking shots that scream amateur. Using stabilizers like tripods and the aforementioned dolly will ultimately make your media look a lot better, and will really gain a strong following on your social platforms.


Additionally, video production software has dropped significantly in price over the past few years. You don’t need to be a professional to understand what makes a video look good or appealing. Creating a story that is understandable and coherent is way more important than making anything flashy. With online resources and tutorials, like those from Lynda (if you have the budget) are great resources for those trying to grab a hold of basic techniques. All of this will help you put together short videos for promotional use on your site or social channel.

One of the most popular editing tools, and one that is becoming more and more affordable, is Final Cut Pro for Apple. The product, that in the past, this software only came as a suite for well over $1000. Now it is around $300. This is a professional product that has a ton of potential, but it is also easy to learn to put a sequence together.

When it comes down to it, you don’t need flashy editing or transitions, but you do need software capable of putting your project together. Final Cut is recommended because it does just that at an affordable price. You can bring in your clips, use simple cutting tools, and have a nice flowing piece. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to be coherent.

One of the company’s that does this best is Zappos, who not only do videos about their shoes, but also about the company values.

Your Message

Of course the most important part about any marketing video is the message. A lot of people jump right in to wanting to create a video, and don’t think about what they want to communicate first. The fact is that the form follows function, and you have to have the function first. So instead of moving straight into wanting to create a video, go through the type of messages you need to get across, and see if video works for that.

For instance, a lot of companies thrive off of tutorials for products. People like infographics or images to show how their products work, but videos are the best for these types of messages. That way your viewers will understand the message instead of wondering why you chose to use video. Your message will come across clearer and more coherent if you make sure that you are using the right avenue for your message.

These are the essentials of any marketing video. Make sure that you have the right equipment and tools to make great videos. Luckily we are in a great day and age to obtain this equipment at a low cost. As technology gets better and faster, the prices come down on the tools you need to make stunning marketing pieces. If you have the time to master any other accessories, it is only going to work out in your favor. Lastly, always remember that your message comes first. You can be the best video producer, but if you’re not making a coherent piece that requires video, then you are wasting your time.