As an individual marketer, the desire to market oneself is obvious. The benefits for you are clear. The same way a brand or company would market themselves to potential customers in order to generate sales, you will market yourself to potential employers and clients in order to generate future income.

There are a number of ways you can market yourself:

  1. A blog
  2. Writing articles for established outlets
  3. Speaking engagements
  4. Getting your work featured online
  5. A large network
  6. LinkedIn references

And while the benefits for the individual marketer may need no further explanations, there is one benefit that does. But it’s not necessarily something that benefits the individual. Instead, it’s a benefit that the company they work for gets.

You see, the more a person establishes their own personal brand, the more valuable they become to the organization that employs them. The all press is good press concept. And if you are in charge of marketing your organization, it is incredibly helpful if members of the team market themselves effectively.

How can you get them to do that?

  1. Offer them guidance. Not everyone knows how to market themselves, so it is a good idea to offer personal and career development sessions for employees that focus on how to grow their personal brand (refer to the list above).
  2. Offer them an outlet. Create a space for your employees to self-publish, with your brand behind them. It could be an outwardly facing employee blog or a section of your website for articles that the team can submit to.
  3. Become their booking agent. Get people to go out for speaking gigs at live events across the country. Help them by out researching opportunities and crafting their pitches.
  4. Incentivize them. After you do everything you can to make it easy for them, make it a win-win. Offer them perks – like paid time off, free food, money or promotions. Create a special “Employee Engagement” program and reward the people that are most effective at building up their personal brands.

When your employees become experts in their field, you win twice. First, you get a team full of experts helping to pursue your mission. Then, you get the benefit of outsiders looking to your brand for guidance.