Many business professionals build up their reputations and find success by writing and publishing books.

If you’re a business professional you know that your reputation is everything.

And not only do you want a positive reputation, you also want to be seen as an expert. But how do you do that if you’re either new to your business or don’t have an overflowing  list of clients who can refer you to others?

Give potential clients your very own published book to increase your chance of a win.

The answer is quite simple: you publish a book. A good one.

Writing and publishing a book on your subject of expertise is an almost instant way to become an expert in your field.

This strategy works for lawyers, therapists, marketers, social media consultants, real estate brokers, specialty dentists, hairstylists and other professionals who work in service fields.

It even works for people who sell certain products, like food (write a short cookbook) or furniture (write a book about how to design your home!)

You do not have time to pitch your book to major publishers. That can take months or even years and there’s no guarantee that it will ever happen. You’re a busy professional and every moment counts.

Instead, you can publish your own book using a book production service. It’s as simple as sending in your book manuscript as a Microsoft Word file, getting a book cover designed and printing off about 250 to 500 books. Then you can keep copies in your office to give away, sell or simply display to clients who walk into your office.

It Works

A few years ago I was contacted by a lawyer who wanted to publish a book on estate planning. Her book was very educational and informational—it has helped her to grow her client base significantly.

Another client used his wine expertise to compose a handy little guide that he distributes to people who visit his winery. It shows them how to choose wines and educates them on the different varietals. It arms them with information and inspires them to buy some wine from him—the wine expert.

Potential clients feel more comfortable working with a professional who can prove that he knows what he’s talking about.

Ways to Use Your Book

So if you’re new to your field or need a new way to build your current client base, put your knowledge to paper and use it as a promotional tool.

1.Offer your book to new clients for free or as an add-on when they try out your service.

2. Sell your book on Amazon and mention your credentials in the book description so that people can contact you about your services.

3. Want your direct mail campaign to bring in more conversions? Send a free book to targeted customers—that’s not something they’re likely to rip up and throw in the trash.

4. Encourage your clients to pass the book on to family, friends and other people in need of your services.

Book are viral—it is a form of word of mouth marketing. Publishing your own book is a one-time marketing investment that gives you long-term results.