The holiday season is here. Let’s be honest, it’s basically been here since Halloween. And with the holiday season, of course, comes the frenzy of holiday shopping. It’s the time of year consumers count on to snag the latest and greatest while also getting the most bang for their buck on days like Black Friday—which is now more of a theme than just a single day—and Cyber Monday. It’s also the time of year where brands hope to get a big revenue boost so they can end their year on a high note.

Those lines and crowds you see clamoring for those deals in stores? They use their laptops—and increasingly their mobile devices—to conduct research and find those great deals and cool gifts before they even set foot into a store. Others opt to go online and mobile to make purchases instead of braving all the holiday traffic. So when comes to your holiday retail strategy, how mobile are you? How are you addressing the mobile researchers and mobile shoppers during the holidays?

According to a recent Google study, 76 percent of shoppers who search for something nearby on their smartphones visit a related business within a day, and nearly 30 percent of those visits result in a purchase. Since we know these shoppers are turning to mobile to search for gift ideas, it’s vital to create a mobile presence that provides a seamless brand experience from device to store.

For the shopper that walks into a store, they will arrive already knowing what they want and the price they’re about to pay. But that doesn’t mean they shut down their phones the minute they walk in the door. A study from mobile loyalty company SessionM says that 90 percent of in-store shoppers use their mobile devices while they shop. Even though those shoppers are in-store, you have a prime opportunity to give them the tools they need in your mobile experience to make their purchase as easy as possible. You could provide an aisle/store map that takes them to their product(s) or an option to buy and pick up in-store, so they can just grab and go without waiting in long holiday checkout lines. Your mobile experience—whether it’s a mobile-optimized version of your existing desktop website or a completely customized application—should do its part to help relieve their holiday stress, not add to it with a cumbersome shopping experience.

For brands and retailers, conversion is the name of the game. And during the holidays, shoppers are more willing to buy, even on their mobile device, than most any other time of year. On Black Friday, conversion rates jump 30 percent in comparison the start of November. On Cyber Monday, that number hits 50 percent. Sponsored tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook ads and Snapchat stories are a quick and easy way to target your audience right in the palm of their hands. The key is to go where they are so they can come back and buy from you. Link directly to product pages or categories to make the path to purchase on their devices that much easier. Instagram is even testing shoppable posts that allow you to click an item in a picture to go directly the product page and place an order.

People save up to buy during this time of year. The stats prove they are ready and willing to buy, even on their smartphones. And since people spend 50 percent of their online time on their mobile devices, if targeting via mobile apps isn’t part of your marketing mix, then you will miss out.