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Accurate contact data is a pillar to ABM success.

Orchestrated Account Based Marketing “plays” are multi-touch and multi-channel requiring accurate contact information to support direct mail, phone outreach, emails and social. The traditional contact record, even when the information is up-to-date, lacks the versatility needed for the demands of ABM. As ABM continues to gain momentum, practitioners are realizing the need for “ABM-Ready” contacts.

For teams looking to analyze, the “ABM-Readiness” of their existing contact database, here are five factors you should consider as you evaluate and prepare your data for ABM. The first four are tactical and specific to the contact record. The fifth is strategic and if you can get this one right it will have dramatic impact on the financial return of your ABM initiative.

1. Contact Accuracy

Accurate contact data is a pillar to ABM success. This extends beyond email address deliverability to include other parts of the contact record. B2B organizations rolling out ABM plays need to cross validate company names and job titles for accuracy. This is a lot easier said than done, but companies can accomplish a portion of this with social data.

2. Direct Dial Phones

With ABM, phone data is critical. Phone outreach campaigns often require more direct dials and, in some cases, the person’s mobile phone, as either an alternative number or to enable personalized text messaging. But, something as simple as a direct dial spiders into the need for additional information. For example, is the direct dial an “office line” or a “mobile number?” If the latter, is it registered to the company or the person?

3. Location Intelligence

Another important attribute is accurate information on where the contact resides geographically. This is especially important when companies plan to run a “play” that involves automated direct mail. For example, when reviewing the postal addresses of contact records, the marketing team may notice most contacts contain the company’s headquarter address. Target accounts are often large organizations with multiple offices, and many contacts reside in regional offices.

If a direct mail piece is sent to the wrong office location, it will end up in the mailroom recycle bin. A company could invest the time to call each contact prior to confirm their location, but that is both time consuming and costly. A more efficient approach is to append the contact’s location (city, state, country and time zone) to your house list, or when sourcing new contacts.

4. Roles & Interest Attributes

One of the tenets of ABM is the more knowledge companies have on each contact at a key account, the more personalized and tailored they can make their outreach. There is a vast amount of available data including social, buyer intent and technology install to help you better understand the roles, interests and responsibilities of your key constituents.

5. Contact Density

With each target account, marketing teams need to work towards understanding the demand units within these organizations, as well as associated influencers and decision makers.

With clean and complete data, it’s time to count the inventory to understand what you have and what is missing. One way to stress-test your data is use the Engagio people and whitespace heatmaps.

Engagios Heatmap of People Coverage for ABM with Oceanos data
Engagio’s heatmap of People Coverage
Engagios whitespace map for ABM with Oceanos data
Engagio’s Heatmap of whitespace powered by Oceanos

The people map provides insight into the distribution of your contacts across Department and Role. You can then toggle to the whitespace heatmap, powered by Oceanos, to understand the greenfield or the number of contacts available by department and role.

These heatmaps help establish the addressable market and the percent you’re currently reaching. If you’re seeking more granular analysis, you can run a comprehensive Contact Gap Analysis direct with Oceanos. Armed with this knowledge, you’re in position to acquire the key contacts missing.

Here at Oceanos, we have built the industry’s first “ABM Usability Score” which we assign to each of our contact records to help practitioners rank order contacts. Contacts with a high ABM Usability Score are deemed better suited for ABM based their accuracy and completeness. This intelligence assists in the sourcing and prioritization of contacts for ABM initiatives.

As marketers, we all recognize the importance of contact data plays for ABM success. Successful plays not only require accurate information on the right people within each account, but ABM teams need to recognize that the traditional contact record lacks the versatility required to support the demands of ABM.

As ABM gains momentum and awareness in the boardroom, the Engagio and Oceanos teams are leading the way within their respective lanes.

That’s why we’ve teamed up to bring you the ebook “Getting Your Data Ready For ABM.”