Building up good customer relationships is imperative for any business, but to do that you need to collect your customers data and information. Being able to send your customers sales, offers and news by email or SMS, keeps you in contact with them in the hope to strike up a loyal customer relationship.

However collecting your customer data can sometimes be tricky, they need to be opted-in for you to be able to send them marketing messages legally. So here a few ways that businesses have been successfully getting their customers to opt-in and collect their data…

Tick/opt-in box
Get a tick box added to your sign up form or checkout shopping cart, asking for them to state that they would like to receive marketing messages from you. Maybe offer a small discount as an incentive? Get a 10% code when you sign up for our marketing messages?

Run a competition
People like free stuff. And people will always like free stuff. So why not run a competition where anyone who signs up to your marketing messages will be entered into a prize draw to win… A date with Kim Kardashian.

Ok so the prize doesn’t have to be something like that… but a free top, meal or whatever your business sells, will get your customers signing up.

In-store and social media promotions
Create some posters and graphics to go on your social media accounts and in-store asking for signups…

“Text SIGNUP to 88802 to sign up to our loyalty exclusive mobile marketing rewards and get 10% off your next purchase”

Customer data

If someone is in the queue in your store and they see that poster you think they would sign up… who wouldn’t want some money off!?

Add a form-2-SMS section on your website
SMS and mobile marketing is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your customers and build up a loyal relationship, it’s personal and instant – who doesn’t have their mobile phone either in their pocket or hand?

So by adding a simple mobile phone number sign up field to your website with a little reward, you should be able to gather up all your customer’s data.

Here is a great little free eBook that is filled with ways to collect your customer’s data.