Get off your but marketingMarketing from behind your desk is ok, but you should really get out and learn more if you are going to be effective. So get off your but more and start working with others for some fresher ideas.

Blog Site – Companies that have blog sites have the opportunity to produce fresh, compelling content that helps drive readers to your site. Work with someone and come up with some good content ideas.

Email – Have you tried connecting with a current client lately. Send them a personal note and see what they are up to. Ok – sit at your desk and do this.

Mail/Letter – Send a note and personalize it. Everyone still likes to receive personal email. Don’t believe me, try it and see. Ok – sit at your desk and do this

Social Media – Try sending out a feeler message or send someone a note and tell them (Why) you liked the information they shared. Talk about something of value from your own people or clients. Get your information from others. Don’t try to come up with all the information yourself. Leave your office!!!

Develop a new brochure or e-Book – You can be your own self-publisher. People like short information that adds value to their processes. Get others involved for more input.

Talk to your Client Service Team – Find out what your clients want

Research your competition online – See what your competitors are saying online. Better yet, see what the market is saying about them.

Gain more knowledge in your industry – Find out what is happening and look for new technologies or potential markets

Talk to your boss – Ask them how they see the current economic climate for your company.

Sign-up and attend a meeting with a local marketing group or organizational group in your industry. Meet some new faces.

Look at attending a conference or trade show. You can learn a lot from others.

All of these items can help you focus on where you want to take your marketing today. Forget about planning behind your desk and get out and be real and get input from others. You will be much better person and your marketing efforts will prove it.
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