Just when you have finally figured out how to balance your marketing strategies among the Boomers, Generation X, Generation and the Millennials here comes Generation Z.

Generation Z, also known as Post-Millennials, Centennials or Plurals were born in the late 1990s through the 2010s. The most significant aspect of this generation is the use of the internet from a very young age. This is the generation that has grown up with technology, interacting on Social Media and using the Social Networks to socialize with their peers. (Wikipedia)

Generation Z is the next group of consumers that businesses need to understand. The oldest Generation Zs are nearly 20, though even the youngest have significant impact on purchasing. Over 50% of parents globally say their child has more impact on purchasing decisions than they did in their family growing up. (Facebook IQ)

Generation Z already has an estimated spending power of $44 billion. (SocialTimes) Targeting these young consumers is different than the earlier groups, even the Millennials.

Generation Z actively seeks out images and videos and they have a limited attention span. Brands need to take note and understand they need to connect with this group at their level. Establishing loyalty with this generation now will ensure you have customers in the future.

Here are a four things businesses need to keep in mind when planning a strategy aimed at Generation Z:

  1. Image is Everything

This generation has grown up with visual communication. They all have tablets or large screen phones. They can filter and edit pictures, use emojis and have entire conversations with just photos. So, when creating your strategy use plenty of infographics, memes, videos, gifs and basically anything visually appealing.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

The average attention span of this generation is 8 seconds, which is 1 second less than a goldfish. Since 1998 attention spans have dropped over 11 minutes. (The Social Pro) Content you create for your campaigns needs to grab their attention immediately or they will scroll right past your information. In addition to an attention grabbing image, you need to keep your message on point. Keep it simple, focus on what is important, less is more.

  1. Keep it Real

Generation Z loves to share socially. They will not be fooled by marketing schemes. Keeping it authentic is important. Generation Z loves and trusts Influencer’s opinions. (An Influencer is a person who is well-connected and who is regarded as influential and in-the-know; someone who is looked to for advice, direction, knowledge and opinions. CoolBrandsBlog) Posting real reactions, reviews, testimonials and tips from real people is important. Use your current customers as your Influencers.

  1. Be Where They Are

Not all Social Networks will work to reach Generation Z. In fact, while Facebook has the largest audience of other groups and older demographics are growing quickly, Generation Z is not attracted to Facebook. Many post-Millennials have left the site and refuse to use it. Due largely to the fact they grew up waiting to be able to actually use Facebook, upon arriving at the site they found it to be very crowded and full of a lot of information and users. Generation Z seeks out sites where they can interact privately and securely with friends. (SocialTimes) Figuring out the Social Network(s) the post-Millennials use is key to successfully reaching them.


While you may think marketing and advertising to a 10-year-old is a waste of time and budget, you need to understand this generation is forming opinions about brands and products far earlier than previous generations. Keep in mind, this generation has the ability to influence their parent’s purchasing decisions right now and they are your future consumers.