Gartner just released a report on the state of advocacy marketing that outlines why it’s important and some of the key vendors in the space, including SocialChorus. This report, yet another validation of the importance of the advocacy marketing space, analyzes word-of-mouth marketing and some of the underlying factors that make it successful.

The benefit brands have from leveraging advocates ties back to the fact that people trust conversations they have with each other, over the ones they are having with the brand. And because people trust other people, these word-of-mouth recommendations drive inquiries.

Gartner also reports on why people share and are motivated to share on social channels. The report cites a study that appeared in the Harvard Business Review in the sixties that analyzed why people talk about their favorite brands. Although the study was conducted offline in the pre-Internet era, the results still hold true today. The study found that people share because:

1. The brand experience is so enjoyable that they want to tell their friends.
2. It shows that they are “cool” and “in the know” about a certain brand.
3. They have an innate desire to help other people.
4. The brand’s content or campaign is funny and entertaining.

Advocacy marketing is a hot topic in the marketing space right now. It’s no secret that word-of-mouth is powerful. When making any decision that requires significant consideration, people always consult friends and family for recommendations, suggestions, and advice. Social media has provided a new medium for word-of-mouth and brands are trying to quickly adapt. What’s more – technology now provides the ability for brands to leverage and empower advocates at a scale like never before.

For more details, Gartner clients should download the full report.