Our lives are increasingly influenced by new technologies that allow us to always stay connected and even more integrated, as we know (and as we saw in the Global Digital Statistics 2014 Report).

But what kind of impact will all of this have on peoples’ futures? How will the world change through an increasingly present connection in our lives?

We asked this question to social media, marketing and digital experts of our offices around the world and we have collected the results of this research into a document that we want to share with you.

These are not true predictions, but rather provocations that can serve as the basis for articulating a broader discussion that can then inspire us to think about how to take advantage of the innovations and big data that we have available to create something that has a real value for people who come into contact with what brands and organizations share every day.

We know that predicting the future is not part of our core competencies (but if it’s one of yours, well, let us know), but to be successful it is essential to try to take an active role in sharing their vision of the future with others in order to actively build it together, working hard to be part of the change.

The future belongs to who those who define it today: we want to be part of this change with an active role, won’t you? What are you doing to do to drive change? Our great opportunity is to get involved in sharing, collaborating and – first of all – acting in order to be the main actors of this change. The change is basically a choice. A choice that belongs to us.