Every year the DIGI Awards recognizes companies that have furthered the digital signage industry through the creation and integration of new products for the digital signage and DOOH market. This year’s awards recognized various innovations within the categories of “Best Digital Signage Applications,” “Best Content for Digital Signage,” and “ Best New Products.” To better understand where the industry is headed, three recent DIGI Award winners agreed to weigh in on the adaptations and innovations we can expect to see in the future of digital signage.

Where is Digital Signage Headed in 2014?

President of ConnectedSign, Brigitte Bucklin, suggests endless possibilities of the industry as companies strive to utilize more efficient players, tablets, and software integration across all platforms.

Erin Doherty, Director of Marketing at Four Winds Interactive, predicts that 2014 will bring an increased focus on more sophisticated content strategies. “As customers expect larger networks and more complex integrations and applications, they are looking to their digital signage software provider to make this a reality,” stated Doherty.

CFO of Crunchy Logistics, Adi Khanna, comments on changing industry trends, stating that “Cookie-cutter signage products are no longer enough to satisfy the needs of businesses, who are increasingly held accountable for more specific return on investment on costly digital signage products.” Khanna goes on to explain that the benefits of interactive products allow businesses to “continue the conversation with customers” by incorporating online platforms such as social media to disseminate their message.

Bucklin predicts that the term “bigger is better” will soon be irrelevant in the digital signage industry. “Hardware equipment and players are becoming smaller and more efficient. Tablets are being utilized as screens to bring functioning displays to places never even considered before,” says Bucklin. “We’ll be seeing less and less of the proprietary and cumbersome equipment that has already begun to be outmatched.”

What are the Technological Developments we can Look Forward to in the Digital Signage Industry?

When looking ahead to the technological developments of digital signage, Doherty focuses on the impact mobile devices are having on the industry. “Mobile is changing how the world communicates,” she explains. In the future, it will be impossible for digital signage to avoid mobile integration. Additionally, Khanna predicts that the importance of touch technology will continue to increase. He expands on this by saying, “the interactivity of signage is such a crucial aspect of engaging target audiences, offering worthy experiences, and allowing customers to join a brand’s conversation.”

Meet these Award-Winning Contributors

ConnectedSign, LLC – DIGI Award winner for “Best Deployment, Entertainment (cinema, sports venue, etc.).” This marks the company’s fourth DIGI Award, received for their innovative and large-scale project in the Spooky Nook Sports Complex.

Four Winds Interactive – DIGI Award winner for “Best Digital Signage Deployment, for Transportation” and for “Best Content, Corporate Communications (non-retail; digital signage for corporate campus).” This is the company’s fourth DIGI Award, received for their digital signage system for the Boston Logan International Airport and for their own communications network.

Crunchy Logistics – DIGI Award winner for “Best New Generation Display Device, Large Screen.” This is the company’s first time receiving a DIGI Award for its Padzilla, a giant interactive accessory for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.