Handlettered Want Need

Most us would like to think to think that the majority of the purchases we make are about “need” — necessities that improve our business or personal life.

But really?  We often buy what we want – an expensive bottle of wine, a new pair of shoes, the latest gadget. We may call them impulse buys but, in fact, sometimes a want does become a need. This conversion is often the result of successful marketing. “If I get ________ , I will feel better, be more productive, look better, have more confidence; my business will be more competitive or successful.”

Steve Jobs is famous for saying, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” How many of us have decided we need an Apple product?

In your own business, it is imperative to create first a want for your product or service and then convert that want into a need. Your marketing strategy — your message and delivery — should point out the benefits your product or service will bestow. Or: how will becomingyour customer, benefit your customer?

This process takes time, multiple “touches,” or messages, and reinforcement. It may require you to demonstrate the product, produce testimonials, encourage referrals or demonstrate measurable results.

Let’s say you hear about the latest smartphone. An effective commercial touts its capabilities. Photos lure with design. The buzz is good. You want the smartphone — but do you need it? Continued exposure to its benefits: faster processor, bigger memory, an improved camera, voice control, looking “cool” or “hip,” may convince you that having that phone would improve your business, save you time, etc. At some point, you’ve sold yourself — you need it.

Think about the products and services your business offers. How can you highlight the differences and benefits for your customer? How can you introduce a potential buyer to your offering, illustrate the advantages of using your specific product or service and then, finally, turn that process into a sale?

That new smartphone? Sales are through the roof. The company devised and executed a marketing strategy that really works.

Seems like something you might need to do.