Businesses both large and small have used brochures as an effective method of marketing for decades. In fact, one reason that businesses still to this very day still use printed brochures is because of their success in presenting information to clients. When consumers see brochures, they get a better idea of what they can expect from a certain product or service. Bottom line: brochures still work in a digital age.

While brochures are an age-old marketing form, you don’t have to get stuck in a box! You can still create exciting, eye-catching brochures that engage clients and drive business to your site or place of business. With a little planning, you can leverage brochures to fill the gap that digital marketing oftentimes leaves.

Get Colorful

While you need to match your brand to the brochure, consider going over the top with your color selection. You might want to stick with a seasonal theme or go with something bright and random. But full-color printing for brochures is definitely a necessity and certainly an affordable option if you choose a reliable online printing company.

State of the Art

QR codes are one example of technology you can add to your brochure design to show you’re a tech-saavy business. QR codes allow customers to use their smart phones to scan the code and go straight to a landing page, a map of your business location, or even call you automatically. You can also include vanity links or custom shortcodes. Sites like allow you to craft a customized shortcode that allow users to type these shortened URLs into their browsers and are redirected to whatever URL you setup.

Die Cut

Sometimes the shape of your brochure can be the only thing you change up, but it gives the design a completely new look. From rounded corners to tear-aways to an unusual shape, die cuts give you a lot of really interesting visual options for making your brochure a standout.


Coupons do a number of things for your brochure: they act as a call to action and also give you an opportunity for a visually engaging section of your design. You want the coupons to stand out, so using exciting colors and graphics to set the coupon area apart. Consider placing the coupon on a perforated panel if you require customers to bring the coupon to your store.


Instead of the standard fold or tri-fold, consider some of the more eye-catching styles like gate and accordion folds. These give your brochure a distinct look and feel and give you the opportunity to create exciting designs that match the fold patterns.


Sometimes little to nothing says everything. Consider a minimalist design with very little graphics and text content on the front of the brochure. Make a short statement and intrigue customers with a very simple message. This is in stark contrast to most brochure designs and can work wonders for grabbing attention. But color is critical, so design carefully and choose a message that makes customers curious enough to find out more.

photo credit: Camdiluv ♥ via photopin cc