targetSo you have more than one target audience for your company? We applaud your ambition, but having multiple targets and reaching multiple targets are two different things. We encourage big dreams, but not without an equally big strategy. To actually reach these multiple targets you have in mind, you need to have a step-by-step, or in this case, target-by-target, plan.

Think of marketing to multiple targets as a video game; you begin at level one no matter how great of a gamer you are. Similarly, when it comes to marketing your company you should start with your smallest target no matter how successful you are. There is always a starting point. In this case, your starting target should be the one you are most confident in reaching.

As you start to pinpoint this target, you’ll be able to gauge your next few moves. Ask yourself where you should go from here. Maybe you’ve found this target to be an especially awesome match for your company, and you want to narrow it down. Maybe you found it to be a mediocre match, and you’d like to test the waters with a different target entirely. Whatever you decide to do, whoever you decide to target, make sure there is a sequential order to it.

If your first B2B target is small business owners in Philadelphia, your second should be small business owners in Delaware, or medium-sized businesses in Philadelphia. If you’ve already got one target under your belt, you know you’re capable of getting another one. The trick is to figure out who that next target is.

Think about it; you don’t jump from learning to color inside the lines to solving algebraic equations. So you wouldn’t jump from targeting family-run bakeries in downtown New York to targeting corporate banks in Los Angeles. Keep the process slow and steady and maintain some sort of clearly-established direction.

When you’re 12 years old, driving a car seems like such an almighty task; when you’re 22, not so much. With each experience, with each different target, with each mistake or success your company sees, you’ll find that next step seems less and less challenging.

If you create a logical and chronological B2B strategy when it comes to your targets, and you continue step-by-step, your company should have no problem with those multiple targets.

Multiple targets are not for the faint of heart. If you choose to pursue multiple targets with your marketing, be sure to choose them correctly, implement the right strategy to reach them, and, most importantly, don’t forget about them. Be sure not to get wrapped up in one target and lose sight of all the others.