Black Friday Marketing… What To Do If You FORGOT To Set Up A Marketing Plan for Black Friday!

Today, I’m going to keep this article fast and short.

Forget Your Black Friday Marketing? Do This Now!


Because I’m writing to all of the business owners who FORGOT to set up a black Friday Marketing Plan.

Everyone knows Black Friday is an event.

Heck, it’s practically a holiday…

And for small businesses, Black Friday is AMAZING.

For some reason, consumers wait all year for the Black Friday deals. They plan to go Black Friday shopping weeks in advance… and there doesn’t seem to be a limit on their ability to pull out the well-worn credit card and buy!

Billions and Billions are spent the 4 days after Thanksgiving.

You have of course Black Friday… on Friday. Then small business Saturday… on Saturday. And who can forget Cyber Monday on… You guessed it – MONDAY!

Buyers are out in force.

And this time of the year can be huge for Business owners who have their marketing plan locked down!

But what if you got busy this year?

What if you forgot to send in your ad?

What if you haven’t had time to get your Facebook or Google ad account going?

Is it too late? No. But you’ve got to take action right now.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

Step one… jump into your online calendar and on October 15, 2019… YES, NEXT YEAR… set yourself a reminder to plan your Black Friday marketing.

You don’t want to make this mistake again.

Now comes the work.

Look, it’s too late to buy a newspaper ad. And you can forget trying to get on TV or the Radio. And Direct mail… don’t make me laugh.

This is crunch time.

You’ve got to focus on what you can do that’s quick and easy… and Gets Results.

Start With Text Message Marketing on Black Friday.


It’s fast and easy.

A text message is only 160 characters… so you don’t have too much to write.

Right now… I want you to write a quick 2 sentence blurb about your most popular product. What is it… and why do people want it?

Quick… now take that sentence and cut it down till it’s only 160 characters (and don’t forget to include your Business name and a call to action).

Now, do that again… but this time your two sentences is about the most popular product and HOW many you have left in stock!

Now do this a third time and again focus on your most popular product, but now remind them why they should buy from you… low cost, best service, fastest delivery.

Speed people, speed.

In about 10 minutes you should have 3 short marketing text messages you can schedule to send out anytime between now and Monday.

Now, get them scheduled!

Log into your texting system, schedule the messages one at a time, and send them to everyone on your list!

Just make sure you send at least ONE message on Black Friday!

What’s next?

Do More Text Message Marketing.

Ok, all is not lost… you’ve got three messages ready to go. But, your Black Friday marketing is not done.

Now let’s do three more text messages…

Message 4, 5 and 6 should be about your business.

In message 4 remind people what you’re all about… What makes you unique?

In message 5 remind people where you are located and what your hours are during this holiday shopping free-for-all!

And, in message 6 I want you to do something special for your customers… Yes, take a moment and give them something special… a gift, an extra discount, a bonus item.

Think of what you’d want your VIP customers to have… now offer it to EVERYONE!

Go… take action… do it right now.

Now log into your texting system again. Get these next three messages loaded up and scheduled to go out.

Spread the messages out so that your customers are getting something from you every day between now and Cyber Monday.

And for gosh sakes… if you send a message on Thanksgiving… tell people “Happy Thanksgiving”. Let’s be nice people!

Is that all? Not by a long shot…

Turn Marketing Text Messages Into Email!

Stick with me, we’re almost done.

By now you should have 6 short text messages all set up to go out to your prospects, customers, and VIPs over the next few days.

But, we’re not dumb enough to call it good at this point… no way.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Customers have short memories. Yep, like 8 seconds.

If you don’t repeatedly communicate and connect with your customers they will forget about you.

So what do we do?

We email them too.

Take those same 6 messages you just wrote and now put them in an email.

Might you want to add a bit of detail to the messages? Of course… Expand out your 160 character text messages to something a bit longer… maybe include a note about your location… a map to the store… or your hours of operation!

Now jump in and get those 6 emails scheduled to go out over the next six days.

Yes – I know you’re sending the same message to people twice. Don’t worry about it… most customers won’t remember or care that they got a similar message… and if anything, the repetition is a good thing for the memory!

Can you do more?

Of course… but I figure if you were too busy to get your Black Friday marketing put together a few weeks ago, you’re probably really busy at the office and should focus on those other details.

Here’s the big takeaway… it’s not too late for you to do something.

So take action and promote your business over the next few days. Then write me back and let me know what your results were.

SMS Marketing For Your Business

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