If a new article on Forbes.com is right (which it may or may not be) pay-per-call is going to become gigantic. The article says the following about how pay-per-call fits into Google’s business model in the next 10 years:

Pay per call could be 10x bigger than pay per click…It represents a much better deal for publishers and their technology providers.

Google is no stranger to pay per call. It began offering pay-per-call ads in 2010. According to Nikesh Aurora, Google’s chief business officer, the company is now dialing up 15 million calls a month on behalf of advertisers. That number could explode as more businesses understand the benefits of pay per call versus other forms of advertising.

What is Pay-Per-Call?

Google’s pay-per-call model sounds like what it is: Google charges advertisers each time a call is generated rather than each time a click is generated. These Google’s pay-per-call ads are served up by Google Adwords on a mobile devices. This ad has a phone number in it. This phone number in it that a mobile searcher can tap and call. Google than charges the advertiser on how many times the phone number is tapped and call is made.

Why Will Pay-Per-Call Explode?

1. Mobile Search Exploding

Google is serving up these pay-per-call ads as results of mobile search. Mobile search is getting bigger. Estimates from Google and other sources say that mobile search will surpass desktop search by the end fo 2013 or start of 2014. That’s not very far away. Thus, as mobile search increase, mobile pay-per-call ad volume and impressions will increase.

2. Mobile Search Generates Calls

The early research from Google, xAd, and other sources indicates that the most common (and natural action) after mobile search is a phone call. This means that as mobile search volumes increase, so to will phone calls generated from pay-per-call campaigns.

3. Phone Calls Are the Best

Our research shows, clearly, that inbound phone calls produce conversions 15 to 20 times more frequently than inbound web leads. In short: phone calls are better. Marketers will gravitate to pay-per-call models because they like calls and the business that calls generate.

So, while our data doesn’t necessarily show that pay-per-call will be 10x larger pay-per-click, we do believe it will be huge. And we believe LogMyCalls will be a big, big part of it.

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