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Influencer Marketing is constantly evolving. Last June, in a move to capture some of YouTube’s users, Instagram announced a new long-form video platform, IGTV. While creators had already expressed that Instagram was their preferred platform for influencer engagement, we were curious to see whether or not that translated into the new IGTV product.

To get to the bottom of this, we recently surveyed 200 influencers with over 10,000 Instagram followers on the Grapevine platform about their attitudes towards the IGTV video streaming platform.

What We Discovered

First things first, we wanted to know whether or not creators on IGTV drew compelling engagement from their fans. With just about 40% reporting IGTV is “Not effective at all to slightly effective,” the best way to summarize creator attitudes at this point would be: “meh,” at best, and, “not great” at worst.

Instagram TV Engagement from Influencers

For a burgeoning YouTube competitor, we also were curious as to how engagement compared to a creator’s overall YouTube presence:

YouTube Views compared to IGTV views - Influencer Marketing

In terms of overall views, Grapevine creators are pretty polarized on the spectrum. The real question is: what’s ultimately more valuable to run influencer marketing campaigns?

Fortunately, we surveyed our community about exactly that question as well.

If the stacked bars are any indication, what matters most for a creator determining their value is far and away how many followers they have. With metrics for engagement following a little behind.

If creators put followers at the top of their priorities, then they need to ensure engagement with their fans. It turns out Instagram is already doing this with Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories is already highly effective for influencer marketing

Just under 70% of influencers surveyed already report that Instagram Stories are either “extremely effective” or “quite effective” at driving engagement from their fans.

If IGTV wants to be more popular, how can it be better?

According to Cassandra Bankson, IGTV should be aware of why Instagram was so successful in the first place, “If IGTV wants to succeed, I believe they should focus on shorter, fast-cut content. It could be music, but I think comedy, sped up beauty videos, or vine-like content would do best on the platform.”

Long form or short form? That’s the question creators like Hannah Rupp are thinking of as they build content, “Most of my followers complain they can’t even find my videos. I think the casual nature of the platform makes itself good for short, digestible videos as opposed to YouTube that’s good for long-form content, which I prefer.

Also not being able to place ads or make a passive income from IGTV is hurting it right now. And a complaint that my fellow creators & I echo is how difficult it is to film, edit, and upload to Instagram’s standards. It turns us off from creating more!”

Although IGTV is an interesting alternative, it still has issues to figure out in terms of format, monetization, and also how easy it is to upload content. However, as YouTube commits to a vertical ad format, can IGTV stand the heat of the competition as it figures out its technical issues? Furthermore, can IGTV develop a compelling enough product to encourage its adoption of Instagram Stories?