Effective marketing automation requires more than just outstanding software–it requires outstanding strategy, too.

I wanted to share this short video about marketing automation (via Marketing Automation Software) on our blog because it’s exactly right in its message: marketing automation technology supports a demand generation strategy and a lead management process.

Buying technology doesn’t mean you suddenly have a strategy and a process, it just means you have technology. We’ve all been caught up in this excitement at some point in our careers–”If I only had X technology, my troubles would be over!”–but in reality, our troubles weren’t technological, they were strategic.

A great example of how to start with the strategy is how we implemented our lead nurturing campaigns here at Ifbyphone. Before we bought a software tool to facilitate our nurturing campaigns, we created the strategy, the process, the messages, the touch points by hand and ran it all manually for about a month. Yes, it was a bit painful to manage manually, and yes it was challenging to analyze data from several different sources. But, this manual process forced us to work out the kinks. It also helped to teach us what kind of technology we needed (we use HubSpot, by the way). Better, yet, it gave us an opportunity to integrate our own technology with our nurturing process.

So, check out the video and see if you don’t agree with me that Carlos Hildalgo is exactly right.

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