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We’ve all done it, you navigate a website for the perfect item you can’t live without, maybe even add it to the cart, then you realize work hours probably aren’t the best time for personal shopping and promptly close the tab before your boss sees.

Then a few days later while you’re browsing your Facebook newsfeed (I mean totally working, am I right?), you notice an ad for the exact product you were interested in — it might even include an extra discount. Is it magic? No, it’s better. It’s retargeting.

Savvy marketers are using retargeting to capture the 98% of consumers that don’t convert on the first visit to a website. That is a lot of opportunity in the increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape.

Some of the advantages of incorporating retargeting into your overall marketing strategy include:

  • Retargeting can bring the highest lift in brand searches by 1,046%
  • The average CTR is 10x higher than that of regular display ads
  • Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert compared to ones who aren’t

Most marketers are just now getting into the retargeting game. So there’s no need to panic that you’re going to be left in the dust. There’s still plenty of new retargeting tactics that you can start taking advantage of today like:

  • Offer change retargeting: If your offer or landing page aren’t converting first-time visitors, it could be time for a change. Use retargeting ads a way to A/B test different copy or offers. Your customers may just need some extra education before they feel ready to purchase!
  • Browser tab switch retargeting: Take advantage of browser tab text to create a unique message that entices web visitors who may have abandoned your page for another tab to return.
  • Personalize the web experience based on call history: You can create a personalized web experience for customers who have called in the past. Serve them retargeting ads that feature more call based CTAs so it is easy for them to call again.

There are more helpful retargeting tactics where these came from. So what are you waiting for? Download your copy of the eBook, 38 Retargeting Campaigns You’ve Never Heard Of Before, to learn valuable retargeting tips that you can implement today.