What is your brand positioning statement?  Do you have a succinct description of your target audience and a compelling picture of how you want the market to view your brand?

Why should you care about brand positioning? 

The purpose of a positioning statement is to assist you in focusing.  How do you define your services to yourself and how does the marketplace view your company?  When you know what allows you to stand out from the crowd, you define your target client. What problem do you solve for them?  Why are you the best one to solve that problem?  How do you reach them?

Until you define your brand positioning, you can be all over the map.  Until you know specifically who you are and what makes you different, how can you expect the marketplace to know?  Positioning also helps you be specific about your target audience.  You cannot market effectively to your target audience until you create your specific brand positioning.

Elements of a Positioning Statement

What do you do?  Clearly and specifically – what is your product or service?  Design a product description which is short, catchy, unique and memorable.  “Colorful Colorado restores the original beauty of your carpet with our eco-friendly cleaning service.”

What problem do you solve?  Determine the major problem your target audience would like solved.  Clearly tell them exactly how you will solve that problem.  “Other carpet cleaners require you to move the furniture, stand around wasting time watching to prevent theft or poor workmanship.  You lose a day or two of use of the room waiting for the carpet to dry before you can move the furniture into the room again.

How are you different?  We provide bonded, experienced technicians who are prompt, efficient and have your carpet clean, sanitized and ready for you to resume use of the room.

Why should your customer care?  We do the prep, cleaning, and room restoration.  You can enjoy a clean room without any hassle, wasted time or worry.

Who is your target audience?  In the case of the carpet cleaner, they could do three different marketing campaigns.  Campaign one would be directed to businesses.  Campaign two would be directed to homeowners.  Campaign three could be directed to the hospitality or property management industry; hotels want a fast turnaround for room restoration just as property management companies need a fast turnaround to re-rent apartments.

Tie Positioning to Marketing

Postcard campaigns are inexpensive, efficient, and effective.

Due to the minimal cost to design and print a postcard campaign, it is an excellent marketing method to conduct multiple campaigns.  The cost effectiveness allows more frequent mailings to the same list.  This keeps you top of mind when the need arises for your services.

The 24 hour turnaround allows you to respond quickly to new market opportunities.

Postcards are effective. They are guaranteed delivery and tactile; recipients touch the card, see the marketing and retain the cards for future reference.  Postcards have a longer shelf life than the flash of an online ad.

Brochures, sales letters and newsletters can feature success stories which support your positioning statement.  Reinforce your brand by demonstrating proof of your services.

The number of commercial printers and mailers online has made the implementation of your marketing campaigns much easier. PrintPlace.com, for instance, provides full service high quality printing and mailing that is cost effective and time efficient.  Custom project services are available to fulfill special printed marketing desires.  You create the idea and printers like PrintPlace.com will assist you in tying your positioning statement to your marketing campaign.

A positioning statement is simple: Company name, service offered, problem, why you are the solution, and target audience.  Market effectively to that target audience.

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