Successful B2B marketing is a static, so it is very critical for marketers to keep up with the new trends and opportunities.

Business investors and buyers have become pickier with social networking and other modern tools, using them for product research and exchange information in peer-focused meeting paradigm. Today’s marketing people need to factor this into their lead generation tactics so that they can attract and convert these prospects into qualified leads. There are five major areas to pay attention in managing lead generation.

Content-based for Buyer Personas

Content creation is important in the area of lead generation because it helps boost engagement with the prospects. Different buyer personas need different content and buy that, marketers should not rely on generic content and target prospects.

Boost quality Data

More and more data is being fed in your prospects and current customers, marketers need to ensure that they are giving the quality data to their leads unless they want to frail their credibility.

In 2011, a rapidly growing number of companies are launching lead generation management systems to help them filter and maintain consistent, error-free data that will boost their lead generation campaigns.

Go Mobile

With both iPhone and Android being activated nearly as 500,000 a day, mobile is one of the fastest growing marketing opportunities to come along in a long time. Since buyers are in the area within mobile marketing, marketers cannot miss this chance to reach their prospects. They should utilize mobile-friendly apps.

Social Media

Many companies are calculating the ROI in using social media, and while doing that you should be sure how to plan out the social media action before actually using it. By doing that, you can have a comprehensive layout on how would you want to know and reach people through social media actions.

Trained Team

Most of all, you need people to do all the job mentioned above. Having poor performing individual in your team will definitely flank the rest of your lead generation processes. Not only you have to engage with your prospect but you might want to establish first a strong relationship with your own people. They are the biggest factor if your lead generation process will flop out.