4404340928_870c918682_mIf a company is looking for marketing assistance, our initial reaction is always, “Hire an agency, and preferably us!” However, sometimes, for a myriad of reasons, a company desires to keep marketing in-house or to bring marketing in-house. If your company is currently looking to hire marketing personnel, there are ideal and not so ideal ways to approach the process. Here are five tips that we think will help you out.

1. Look for the old as well as the new

The temptation is strong these days to just look for someone who understands white papers, blogs, and social media. These are the trends in marketing, and it makes sense to want someone in your company who can truly immerse themselves in that world. However, and this is a big however, you don’t want to hire someone who only has familiarity with those kinds of tactics. You want someone who can also understand the value of more traditional methodologies that can still be useful to your company, and perhaps more importantly, you want to hire someone who will be open to anything that could help your company, whether that tactic is new or not.

2. Good communication is a must

Marketers need to communicate well. This is a given. Whether you are on sites like Twitter or Facebook or whether you’re communicating with an agency or other vendors, the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively is a must. By “good communication” we don’t just mean grammar and spelling, although those facets are of course essential. We also mean the capacity to present your ideas in such a way that a person with whom you are communicating knows exactly what you are talking about right away. Not everyone has this skill. Look for it.

3. The ability to manage time is essential

Some of the things marketers get involved in these days can become deep dark rabbit holes that pull you in for days at a time. Consider the simple process of looking for followers on Twitter. A marketer you hire these days needs to be able to handle his or her time responsibly. This means understanding how to prioritize work, how to meet and preferable beat deadlines, and more.

4. Leave the ego at the door

Another temptation that many marketers face today is building their own “personal brand.” This means in many cases that the person spends a lot of time trying to increase the number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans they have or blogging on their own personal blog. If you want a marketer to be effective for your company, your company needs to be their first priority. In the end, your customers won’t really care who your marketing director is. They’re going to care that your product or service is helping them out. If you have a marketer that puts accruing Twitter followers over your own company and over your customers, you are just asking for trouble.

5. Look for self-starters

Nobody wants to work with a marketer who is reactive all the time. One of the great gifts marketers can offer, whether they’re in-house or at an agency, is that they should be able to remain ahead of the curve. They should be able to follow trends and predict (accurately) where your company will have the most success. They should be able to look at one project and recommend related projects that will further support your brand. And of course all of this should occur without anyone asking or nagging.

If you are looking for marketers make sure you are looking to hire for the long haul. Knowledge about what is “hot” now is great, but you need someone who will be able to stretch and grow as the industry continues to evolve. We hope that helps!

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/billstrain/4404340928/ via Creative Commons