Digital web marketing is like stock market trading – one wants to get maximum profit while reducing risks to the minimum. One way of doing this is by being aware of projected trends. By knowing where the industry is going and which strategies or tactics will emerge will enable marketers to get ahead in the competition.

There are many trends that are predicted to surface this year and here are five that you should definitely watch out for and use to your advantage.

Your Success Will Depend on How Well You Gather and Interpret Data

Every time a human being surfs the internet, he leaves digital footprints or information that serves as clues about his interest, buying behavior, brand preference and other pertinent information. Next generation internet marketing is by and large dependent on how well you cull data and interpret them in such a way that will help you understand your market or your audience. Without data, your campaigns will be direction-less and scattered. Invest on tools and systems that will help you mine the internet for this information and use whatever you find to give your digital web marketing an edge.

Measure Social Media ROI with Concrete Business Data

Again, this goes to show how data gathering would play a central role this year. A lot have been said about the importance of social media marketing in today’s highly competitive market environment. However, only a few marketers were able to prove the real impact SMM has on the fulfillment of a company’s business objectives. This year, it’s time for you to really think about how you can present social media marketing(SMM) results in data that can be appreciated by the CEOs or CFOs who are very profit-oriented.

Retargeting Will Rise as a Digital Marketing Star

Remarketing or retargeting has really changed the complexion of search engine marketing. This trend once again goes back to data, this time a more specific kind of information. Retargeting is all about strategically following your target audience’s activities online and looking at their browsing history to know who among them have a high potential of being converted into actual paying customers. Remarketing is a way of focusing your resources chasing those who are genuinely interested in your brand and are very likely to purchase your products or avail of your services.

Blessed Are Those Who Publish Good Content

Effective content marketing will still be vital for success this year. This is not just limited to brand-generated or business-generated content. Content publishers such as bloggers can also leverage on this trend. By generating an engaged community of readers, publishers can monetize their sites through the advertisements of businesses relevant to their niche. For advertisers, this is a great resource to tap. It’s like influencer marketing through advertising.

Thou Shall Not Forget Email Marketing

With the rise of Smartphones and other mobile devices, the emailing is more prolific today more than ever. Digital web marketing for the past year tend to be focused on other more popular tactics such as search engine marketing. Successful next generation internet marketing campaigns should give a lot of importance to email marketing and tailor fitting content specifically for this medium.