february-2014-the-best-ads-you-havent-seenFebruary had its fair share of major events that had marketing teams scrambling for top spots in the revenue world. Between the Sochi Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and the advertising event of the year, the Super Bowl, there was no shortage of marketing marvels to feast our collective eyes on.

But what about the well-done ads that didn’t make it into the mainstream mayhem of major events this February?

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I have seen enough “Top Super Bowl Commercials” lists and posts to last me, until, well….next February I suppose.

So rather than beating a dead horse (though not a Budweiser Clydesdale, obviously) let’s take a look at some brilliant ads that chances are you haven’t already seen this month.

Here are the most impressive, original, unique, and overall best advertising campaigns of this month:

Would You Give Your Jacket to Johannes?

This one has been making the social media rounds recently, and that is particularly impressive due to the fact that none of the words are in English. But you don’t need to speak the language to be able to appreciate the video. This experiment was filmed in Oslo, Norway by the SOS Children’s Villages International charity as part of a campaign aiming to provide winter clothes to children in Syria. The goal of this spot was to help society realize that they should care about all children the way they wanted to care for a cold 11-year-old boy with no coat in the middle of winter, and, as evidenced, to tug at your heartstrings.

Apolosophy Products

While this one is not a commercial, it is still a brilliant campaign that has Swedish subway riders doing double takes. What originally appears to be your average poster-style ad suddenly comes to life as the train rolls by, blowing the model’s sleek hair. Created by agency Akestam Hoist and production company Stopp for Apotek Hjärtat’s Apolosophy products, the ad was only meant to run for one day. Due to the success and instant fame of the billboard’s creative, interactive capabilities, Clear Channel decided to keep it live for an extra five days on the subway’s platform as a way to demonstrate what those screens are capable of. And in case you are wondering, the screen used ultra sonic sensors to activate the ad when trains passed by.

Journey to Surf

I love this spot for two reasons:

1.  Alcohol is known for advertisements featuring glitzy, color-themed parties with fabulously dressed people pouring drink after drink of the same booze, but Jäg breaks out of that norm by giving a more meaningful, artistic, friendship-oriented sentiment, which brings me to…

2. The obvious camaraderie between the friends on this road trip that can only be described as a “bro-mance.” The Red Brick Road created the spot, which features a van full of road-tripping bros looking for an adventure and ending their day with a frosty shot of Jäg. The beauty of it is that, while the group clearly falls into the overly-sterotyped “bro” category, the ad is shot in an artistic, inspiring way, very unlike other alcohol and bro-oriented ads.

Milk Life

They have replaced the well-know slogan “Got Milk?” for “Milk Life?” Say it ain’t so! This new ad will be the start of a brand new marketing strategy for Milk Processor Education Program, which was also responsible (along with Goodby Silverstein Partners) for the revolutionary celebrity-driven campaign that has been a source of milk moustache smiles for 20 years. “Milk Life” by Lowe Campbell Ewald is reaching to grab consumer attention again in light of declining milk sales in recent years. The campaign is meant to focus on the benefits of drinking milk that go beyond how great it tastes with a peanut butter sandwich.

These ads all bring thought and creativity to the industry, but somehow many of us missed them throughout the course of the month. With so much emphasis on special events that marketers can attach their brand to, we sometimes forget that we can create independently great content that will come off more original than sticking to the norm. But that is exactly what makes ads like these stand out.

Tell me your favorite ads, commercials, and marketing strategies in the comments below!