Whether you’re a marketing contractor, freelancer, or a professional looking to step into the marketing world, there are many ways to strengthen your position as a top marketing candidate. One of the smartest, most reliable methods for standing out among the crowd and winning a great work opportunity is to add a skill that’s in particularly high demand right now.

As marketing contract recruiters, we’ve watched closely as the demand for marketers who are analytical and technical has tremendously increased. That’s created a discrepancy in the amount of companies in search of professionals with these skills and the talent pool for professionals who possess those talents.

Which marketing skills are trending up fastest in demand right now? Upwork, a website for freelancers, conducted a recent study examining which professional skills were seeing the most growth among new positions in 2017. Unsurprisingly, many of those skills were marketing-related:

SEO Analysis and Auditing

marketing contract recruiters

Anyone that’s stepped foot in the digital marketing world knows how vital SEO is to the success of a brand’s website and digital presence. Optimizing a site to have a good ranking in major search engines is crucial in driving a brand’s traffic and KPIs.

As a SEO recruitment agency, we know how important the work of knowledgeable SEO consultants is to a business. SEO consultants are experts in content strategy, keyword research, are technically inclined, and know how to resolve issues if a company’s site is having trouble ranking in search engines.

The capability to conduct SEO analysis and auditing is becoming a core skill companies are looking for in their digital marketing talent. Knowledgeable SEO auditors should know how to conduct an overall analysis of a website AND accurately assess what needs to be done to optimize a business’s site. That includes finding weaknesses in the current SEO strategy as well as identifying opportunities for growth. The actions that need to be taken to improve a site’s overall ranking can be better determined after a thorough evaluation.

Penetration Testing

According to MarketsandMarkets, the penetration testing market is expected to grow from $594.7 million in 2016 to $1,724.3 million by 2021. Web application penetration testing will most likely have the largest need for penetration testing specialists.

As the marketing department becomes more and more involved in core technology acquisition and gets its hands on sensitive data, the need for security grows exponentially. If you’re a marketing professional that is seeking to add substantial value, penetration testing is an excellent option. If you’re an expert in any related fields such as network or information security, contact a marketing recruitment agency to see how you can best accelerate your career in the right path.

The rapid development of technology and IoT trends paves the way for a big need in professionals that know how to keep a network or system secure from any threats. The best way to mitigate any possible risks to a company’s website is to proactively detect and prevent them – and there’s nobody more appropriate for the job than an experienced penetration tester.

Penetration testing is extremely important when testing the security of any network or system, like a business’s website. Penetration testers are experts at performing an attack on a system in pursuit of discovering any vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or risks to a system and preventing hackers from seeping into a system.

Design and Graphics

The creative and visual elements of a marketing campaign are some of the most crucial parts and shouldn’t be neglected. A design-driven approach to marketing is a rising and innovative mindset businesses of all sizes are trying to adopt.

These days, basic design and creative skills are not rare. Many professionals have some experience with photo editing or practice with one of the major design software options. But advanced ability with more sophisticated graphic design tools is less common. Upwork’s study listed both ‘Image processing’ in general as well as ‘Photoshop Lightroom’ in particular as sought-after skills that have seen a spike in demand this year.

A brand’s visual images are often the first impression people see. Graphic design is an integral part of the whole marketing strategy, especially in a world where brands are competing against each other to grab consumers’ attention.

In a landscape that’s highly visually-driven, marketing professionals who are experienced in creating compelling graphics and have a design-first mindset are incredibly sought-out for in the market.

Marketing Analytics

marketing contract recruiters

As marketing analytics recruiters, we know the demand for experienced analysts hasn’t died down and isn’t going to anytime soon.

Marketing analytics consultants who are able to accurately measure and analyze the performance and attribute an organization’s ROI are never out of style. The ability to clearly communicate and present that information to management, key decision makers, peers and others is an additional skill that’s incredibly valuable in the evolving marketing space.

Video Production

Marketing contract recruiters

There’s no doubt that content marketing is one of the main pillars in marketing and that video is one of the most compelling forms of content. Video significantly drives engagement that simply no other type of content has the power to do.

Marketers who have the capability to work with video and create great video content to help drive brand awareness and other KPIs are highly valuable.

Want to add video production under your tool belt? Basic skills in video production, editing, and animation can be learned through easily accessible tools like Adobe Premier Pro Cc and Apple Final Cut Pro X.