Business growth should not be complicated.  

And hesitancy is one reason why it is complicated.

This was highlighted the other day from an email I got from a small business owner.

He offers three services and sales are steady.

And he is looking for ways to grow his business now.

However, he is reluctant to show how the services could be bought together. Or how they complement each other which was costing his business revenue now.

He only offered the other services after they bought the initial service or when a customer asked.

And while he had a sales page for each service he has not shown how buying more than one at a time can benefit customers.

While some of his customers eventually bought complimentary services, he was missing a fast way to grow his business.


If you offer complimentary products or services why not package them up and show on your website how they can benefit your customers.

Why not show how your products or services compliment each other and provide benefits to your customers?

It cuts down steps for customers and time and money for your business. They have the information to make an informed decision, rather than waiting for you to tell them later or they ask your business.

Although the Telcos don’t do this that well and many packages are confusing, the concept does work otherwise they would not continue the practice.


This simplicity concept does not apply to all businesses and all customers.

However if you have products or services that complement each other what is the downside of highlighting how they work together on your website.

Also if you do package some of them up you have many options available how you promote them. It could be as promotional offers, as a permanent feature, a special offer to segmented customers etc.

This concept is a proven way to increase the average transaction value for each buying decision.

For example in a fruit and vegetable shop, you can buy each separately.  In many shops, they have recipes to show how which ingredients compliment each other and together make a meal or dish.

To simplify the information gathering and buying process for your business and customers can lead to business growth.

Over to you: do you highlight how your products or services complement each other and benefit customers? Could packaging up products or services increase revenue for your business?

photo credit: Nathan E Photography via photopin cc

This article originally appeared on M4B Marketing. It is republished with permission.