In India, snack times are never complete without the mandatory soft drink to wash it down with. And with summer around the corner, it’s the right time for soft drink makers to come up with fresh new ads. In its latest commercial, Fanta, the orange flavoured soft drink from Coca Cola, has sought to drive home the relationship between snacks and Fanta with “Snack-time Fanta-time”.

Continuing to add playfulness to snack times, the latest ad features a new animated Indian Fanta character called ‘Mom’ in line with the brand’s animations around ‘play’, Fanta’s global communication. Targeting moms and youngsters, the campaign reflects upon the soft drink’s past advertisements, where animated characters get excited with a bottle of Fanta.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather and animated by Nomad Films, the 3D animated ad film features a family sitting around a table laden with yummy snacks – samosas, khandvis, fries, etc., yet they are bored. Their bored expressions transform quickly to excitement as the ‘mom’ opens up a bottle of Fanta. The characters, popularly known as the Fanta ‘Crew’, are then shown having a playful time snacking away. The jingle ends with “Open the Fanta…snack time Fanta time.”

Uploaded on Feb 20 2014, the ad has received more than 38K views till date. The ad has also leveraged social media to reach out to the masses. It was introduced on Fanta’s social media networks through a series of teaser updates shared a few days before. Interesting visual updates were shared on the global Fanta Facebook page with its 13 million strong fan base.

Interestingly, fans were geared to be ready at 4 pm, the usual snack time, while the ad was shared at the said time of 4 pm the next day. Similar updates were shared on the Fanta Twitter page simulataneously.

With the new ad, Fanta has managed to associate itself with snacks in a country known for its snacking culture. Of late, the flavoured soft drinks from Coca Cola seem to be getting a fresh makeover for the Indian market. Recently, Sprite, the lemon flavoured cold drink from Coca Cola added a new twist to its brand proposition ‘Clear Hai’ in the latest ad, also conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather.