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How Google AdWords Features Enhance Your Website Visibility

One thing we can always expect from Google is change. Last year they announced there would be some big updates to Google AdWords platform at its Next Event with an outline of those in March. We’ve had several some questions from our clients asking how this will affect their ads and website ranking, and so to update everyone here I am outlining the latest and greatest features.

Back in December, it was made known that mobile users would start seeing more information with a new feature, Expanded Text Ads, in order to provide a larger headline and a longer description. Here’s exactly how this works:

It’s clear that the search giant is moving toward a far better user experience based upon measuring the user’s intent, the type of data being used, and new technology such as voice search and mobile.

What this means for website owners is that if you are used to using keyword-centric ads you will need to shift gears and focus on targeted context and semantics instead. This means relying on the number of clicks will no longer be a factor when measuring your results.

Not only will the recent updates improve your ad performance they will also allow you to find more targeted prospects on a wide range of technology, including AI. This enables you to specifically hone in on what your niche is seeking in order to better meets their needs.

Interested in what this means for your sales this year? Here is a look at a few of the most recent updates and how they apply to your ads and website from an article published recently on WordStream:

1 – Mobile specific improved Landing Pages Report

Find out exactly where your prospects are clicking on their smart devices with a detailed snapshot of the URL that they visited, mobile click rate, and metrics on your costs and conversions. A newer and more user-friendly dashboard will be rolling out later this year, which will eliminate complicated views and provide much simpler menus.

2 – Advertising targeted toward life events

Want to provide just the right solution for someone just getting married, going off to college for the first time, buying a new home, and more? These types of behavioral patterns on both YouTube and Gmail will be a part of the new Google AdWords targeting methods. From this your business can experience improved results in both “ad recall and search intent.”

3 – Improved location extensions

Rather than sending out an ad on YouTube to an uninterested prospect you will now be able to target users more specifically through their exact location. If you have a brick and mortar business then this will be a great benefit with the location extensions being located just beneath the video.

4 – Gain valuable feedback through surveys

Google is introducing its Surveys 360 feature, which will allow users to create questions for better audience targeting. For example, a question can pop up asking a visitor why they clicked your ad? This provides immediate feedback for improved A/B testing results.

5 – Better page loading speeds

If your website’s page loading speed has you down then Google has a fix for that — AMP pages. With this mobile-optimized feature, your visitors can arrive at your landing page much faster. Additionally, Google AdWords has announced Display ads for these pages — they look the same, but load 5 seconds faster.

6 – Faster purchasing with Google Assistant

We are moving full swing into AI voice commands, which means that we need to make the buying process as quick and simple as possible in order to retain those valuable leads and customers. The new assistant enables this to happen with mobile features such as product alerts and shopping in real-time as if you were at the store.

As Google moves away from counting clicks to a more integrated approach it is more important than ever to have a well-optimized website for both mobile and voice search. We are in a new era of real-time experiences for users who expect fast loading speeds, quick answers, and a smooth buying experience. You want to be sure that your landing page is up to date and includes the latest features in order to not only get noticed by Google’s search engines, but to also increase and attract more leads and sales.