exhibit strategy tower paddleboard Exhibit Strategy that works like a charm

Are you ready to take your exhibit strategy to the next level?

There comes a time when you have to determine if you are ready to take your exhibit strategy to the next level. Maybe you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, or maybe your competition has stepped it up, so now it’s your turn. Either way it’s time to take a look at your exhibit strategy. Here are a few examples of the best exhibit strategies you can incorporate into your business this year.

Be freaking different

Take a look at what your competitors are doing and go the complete opposite direction. Say you’re in a conservative market, what about going over the top and incorporate a little fun into your exhibit strategy. Even the stuffiest shows need a little excitement.

One of the most extreme examples of a company pulling out the stops to make an impression with their marketing was Tower Paddleboards official launch party featuring midgets serving chips and salsa. Talk about going out on a limb! The idea got a ton of attention and helped create a buzz around their launch party. If that is too much to handle, how or what can you embrace in your exhibit strategy to be different?

Leverage Event Technology

It is ridiculous how much technology has evolved over the years. Take a look at the rate of technological advancement. If you’re using duct tape and bubble gum to mount your displays together, it’s time to take a serious look at your booth design. Think about using LED displays with real time social feeds like Vine and Tintup or incorporating augmented reality with motion detectors. The possibilities are endless when you combine event technologies with composite materials.

Invest in the WOW Factor

If you’re going to show up, create something that gets attention. The days of giving away toasters are over. It’s time to break out a giant robot like Wired Magazine did at this year’s Comic Con. If that does not get your attention as you walk by nothing will. Think of ways to incorporate the WOW factor, not the “been there, done that” in your exhibit strategy.

Invest in your success

DYI can only get you so far! Knowing your limitations is a way to moving forward. More often than not a different perspective from an outside agency can help you improve your course just enough so that you hit your mark, instead of missing by inches. I’m not saying throw a ton of money at a problem as sometimes that makes it worse. What I am saying is to invest in the conceptualization, planning and implementation process. See what the different approaches that exhibit companies use. You’ll find in some cases one firms approach to planning is entirely different given the same blueprints or renderings for your exhibit.

Implementing your new exhibit strategy

Starting with these four pillars for success, take your idea to the professionals and start brainstorming ideas. You never know what will hit. Ideally you want to bring to the table at your first strategy meeting, how you are freaking different, some of the technology you would like to incorporate, along with a concept for a WOW factor and the amount you are willing to invest in your success.

So, for your next show focus on exhibit strategy that works like a charm. You’ll be just fine! Got any exhibit strategies that worked well for you? Share them below.