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Various enterprise solutions have now entered the market, allowing large companies, teams, employees, and even leaders to become more productive on a daily basis. Gone are the days where you have to manually input events into your calendar, send dozens of emails to arrange just one meeting, and save your files on external hard disks. Thanks to advancements in technology, enterprise solutions have become smarter, making managing your workflow a little bit easier.

The Benefits of Enterprise Solutions for Workflow Management

Modern day enterprise solutions allow you to link and automate numerous business processes. They allow team managers to keep an eye on operating information in real-time. They also give back time to employees by taking on repetitive and mundane tasks. With that in mind, they can also help you cut operational costs, and even increase revenue by giving your teams the chance to focus on revenue generating activities.

Thanks to the data that can now be gathered through these enterprise solutions, you’ll be able to react more quickly and smoothly to changes in your industry’s market. You can receive more regular and in-depth analytical reports that will allow you to further cut costs and track profitability within your organization.

How to Manage Your Workflow With Enterprise Solutions

Perfecting and managing your workflow takes time. You must know what needs to be improved on and what will best suit your company. Before choosing the best solutions for you, think about:

  • The best communication methods for your teams
  • What is the most recurring work within your department(s)
  • The best ways to make information readily available
  • The deliverables for each department
  • What data gives you the most insight based on your company goals
  • Whether or not employing new team members could help with workflow management

While the list of enterprise workflow management software is abundant, finding the right one for your company can be challenging, as they’re often complex and require a lot of additional internal training. As a result, adopting and integrating various different enterprise solutions can be the best option. Here are a few enterprise solutions that can help you with workflow management:

Handle Company Documents in the Cloud

Collaborating in the cloud gives you the opportunity to work more closely and efficiently with colleagues. It also gives you the chance to access information directly without having to wait for hard copies or devices like external hard disks and USB drives.

In addition to the above, working through the cloud allows you to:

  • Cut costs by eliminating the need for external devices
  • Reduce carbon footprint by cutting down on unnecessary printing
  • Keep your company information on one database
  • Keep your documents safe
  • Increase company productivity by eliminating the waiting game associated with traditional information processing workflows

There are mounds of cloud computing systems available today. Some of the most popular ones include iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. All of these offer different payment plans and business upgrades that give you an unlimited amount of storage space and other company benefits.

Use Data to Measure Productivity

Many, if not most, enterprise solutions offer vast amounts of important data that can help you measure productivity. After all, if you don’t have the right data, you can’t establish what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved upon.

To choose the right data analytics software for your company, you need to consider whether or not it will have limitations and who will have ownership of the data it generates. You must also consider privacy. While many smaller companies choose the free Google Analytics platform, this may not be the best option for certain business needs.

Choose an analytics platform that can give you a 360-degree view of your company, is easy to navigate through, and can be test driven before purchase. You should also ask yourself these key questions:

  • What does your business want to measure?
  • Which departments will need this data to generate reports?
  • Does your business need access to raw data?
  • Will your business need access to older data so that you can create comparison reports?

Embrace Messaging Platforms

Email is still a valuable and widely used method of communication, especially in the enterprise. However, despite it being good for certain conversations, it can be a very time-consuming way for departments and colleagues to interact.

Instant messaging platforms have become increasingly popular in recent times, and companies such as Slack now make it easier than ever for people to get instant answers to their most important questions, without spending hours going back and forth between emails.

Automate Mundane and Repetitive Tasks With a Chatbot

Unfortunately, the majority of a person’s workday involves catching up on emails, attending meetings, and undertaking repetitive and mundane daily tasks. While these are necessary, they do leave less time for you to focus on activities that can help you generate leads or make money.

Lucky for us all, we’ve been blessed with the modern-day chatbot. These robots equipped with natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) are now more educated than ever. They can have human-like conversations as well as take on simple, yet repetitive tasks. Better yet, they learn with every action they’re asked to undertake, meaning they get more intelligent without you having to do anything.

Today, creating an AI-powered chatbot is extremely easy, thanks to chatbot platforms. These tools allow you to build your own enterprise bot with no coding knowledge, in a matter of minutes. Many integrate with your Facebook profiles and allows you to create an enterprise chatbot solutions that can:

  • Be integrated into your business solutions
  • Work as integral part of your marketing team by pushing offers and promotions, on demand
  • Use NLP to recognize variations on your trigger words and phrases
  • Help with your customer support activities
  • Increase sales by taking orders directly from Messenger and Facebook comments

Create an AI-Powered Personal Assistant

Chatbots aren’t just good for taking on some of your workload, though; they can act as personal assistants that can schedule, amend, and cancel meetings. They can also set alarms, answer general questions, place orders for you, publish content, and gather additional data.

AI-powered personal assistants, or chatbots, are a cost-effective way of getting an extra helping hand without physically employing a new employee. They’re great at managing certain aspects of your workflow for you and they can do so instantly without the need for you to pay weekly or monthly invoices.


Managing your workflow with some of the enterprise solutions mentioned above will allow you to not only reduce project costs but also risks. You won’t fall behind on projects, and you’ll have instant access to a mound of information that will help you to become more productive, giving you back the time and capabilities to focus on achieving your business goals.