We’ve all heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you might not of heard that a video has been found to be worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivery of Forrester Research. Visual content is proven to be far more effective than words alone at explaining, showcasing and demonstrating products and services. The most powerful form of visual content, video, is especially effective.

Indeed businesses are starting to deploy video content on its own, without any voice over. The visual content alone is powerful enough to get their message across in an effective and engaging manner without any need for a voice over. Indeed, the use of catchy and popular soundtrack can boost popularity, especially on social networks.

Microsoft, for example, recently released a commercial / social video for their new surface pro, which deployed video content without any voice over. The 60 second video, called ‘The Vibe’ has been an overwhelming success, featuring in this month’s viral chart.

The video showcases Microsoft’s surface pro, which is their first tablet and has a thin screen cover that doubles as a full keyboard. Surface can also accept stylus input. The video itself (shown below) shows office workers dancing around a round table with the Microsoft surface pro and using its features.

The video displays the ease of use of the tablet and its simplicity. It also gets across effectively the pen feature that the tablet has, just through the use of the video, in a fun and engaging manner. The clip includes several of those satisfying ‘clicks’ made when the keyboard clicks in with the tablet.

The video ad has proved successful on social platforms, with over 30,000 shares already and around half a million views on YouTube. You can watch the video below and make up your own mind on the power of visual content in showcasing products and services in such a way.