Hippity Hop-Hop, Hippity Hop-Hop… it’s that time of year again! What comes to mind when you think of Easter? For me, it’s the Easter bunny, egg hunts, family gatherings and the long weekend (of course!).

Easter Marketing

Like every other holiday out there, Easter marketing can begin as early as a month or two in advance. For instance, I saw promotions that started as early as February! But, is this necessary in order to increase brand awareness and brand recall for your business?  Brand awareness is when the consumer associates your brand with the product or service they desire to purchase. Since many people wait until last minute, that initial awareness will allow them to experience a brand recall closer to Easter. Brand recall is when the consumer recollects the brand with reference to the product seen earlier on (hence why holiday marketing begins early).

Easter marketing is an excellent way to help build and maintain a strong relationship with your customers so they feel connected to your brand. A great way to show your customers how important they are, is to send them a small and useful gift to celebrate the long weekend. Your customers will feel appreciated and the gift will act as a fresh reminder of your brand (recall).

Here are some fun ideas for marketing your business over the Easter break:

Easter gift card1)      Easter Cards and Gift Cards

Easter is the perfect time to get a little punny! Bring a smile to somebunny’s face. Send your most valued customers an Easter greeting thanking them for their business and wish them a Hoppy Easter. As a ‘gift’ to them, you can also include an incentive/discount to try out a new product OR service. Brand your gift cards/incentives and make it easy to carry around – this will remind them to shop with you and associate your brand leading up to and during, what can be a hectic holiday weekend.

2)      Samples

Who doesn’t love samples? Depending on the nature of your business, send out direct mail to certain areas (ensure this area will target the demographic(s) you desire) with a sample of one of your products (even a new product if possible!) for users to try out. With the sample, include a branded tag/logo so that they can associate your business with fun and intrigue.

3)      Emails

If you are working with a smaller budget and don’t have much time/resources to send out samples/gift cards – sending a well-branded friendly Easter email is enough to increase brand awareness and to show that your business is thinking about its customers. You can even include a discount incentive in the email that users can print out and redeem at your store OR maybe print or bookmark some tips/ideas to help them enjoy the holiday weekend even more!

Regardless of how you decide to market your business this Easter, the goal in mind is to keep things light and associate your business/brand with a sense of fun and well wishes.

 What marketing initiatives do you implement at Easter?