B2B Sales LeadsNow, suppose you’re an ERP software firm and you’re facing the usual obstacles of finding enough businesses who are in need of an enterprise software solution. However, you don’t have the resources to spend on the technology and personnel needed to successfully attract large amounts of interest from the decision makers of your prospect companies. Then again, maybe you can but you’d rather not because they’re too far from your core functions. Either way, it looks like outsourcing is the ideal solution.

Unfortunately, many companies rapidly diminish their selection of viable lead generation firms because they simply find their methods too stigmatized. Below are just a few examples:

  • Telemarketing – You’ve heard enough horror stories about telemarketing scams that you don’t want to be associated with the idea of calling people to draw interest in your product.
  • Email marketing – You find too many similarities between spammers/phishers and email marketing groups.
  • Website marketing – Again, you only find too many stigmas attached to it (via black hat SEO practices, deceptive website content, and misleading banner ads).

What you might be overlooking is the simple fact that scams are just everywhere and are done with any means at the disposal of the scammers. If a phone is the only way they know how, they’ll pose as telemarketers. If they’re more tech-savvy, they’ll opt for either email or team-up with a few more to create a sketchy website.

The good news though is that there are still ways to tell the difference. Most, if not all, of them are centered around the quality of the service. A lead generation firm only invests in the best. Why else would they be in this industry if they know that there are companies (like those in ERP) who can’t devote the same amount of investment they have? Scammers are cheap. It’s not that complicated:

  • Telemarketing – Companies that use telemarketing employ professional telemarketers who have the necessary communication skills to do their job effectively. Recruiting and training these people obviously takes time and money. There’s also equipment to consider and genuine telemarketing firms shun clunky technology and buggy telephone tools.
  • Email marketing – Lists of addresses are thoroughly compiled and cleaned by an expert team of online researchers and data analysts. They don’t request for sensitive information and the email is usually just a precursor to more advanced steps in the lead qualification process.
  • Website marketing – Real website marketers and SEO professionals only utilize white hat methods and emphasize quality content for marketing. They actually take time to inform themselves about any changes to popular search engines instead of just looking up for cheap and shady traffic generation software.

It’s not the tools but the people using them. It sounds cliché but the truth of it still rings. A knife-murderer uses the same tool as the one you use to cut up your food but that doesn’t stop you from using it now does it? If you’re looking to outsource a company, don’t be quick to dismiss your candidates just because they use the same tools used by scammers.