In today’s day and age, the Internet has completely taken over the business world. In order to cater to the customer experience, companies need to have a strong online presence. They need to be smart about creating engaging content, interacting on social media, and being available to answer the customer’s questions in real-time. However, companies shouldn’t abandon their offline marketing while in the process of making their online marketing more effective. Like everything in business, there needs to be a true balance of both.

Not Everyone is With the Times

Let’s be honest…while the numbers show us that most people are online these days, the truth is, not everyone is. Depending on what kind of company you run, it’s important to think about the people you may not be reaching because you’re just spending too much time online. It may be that there’s a whole other audience out there for you, that for one reason or another, may not have access to the digital world as much as others.

People Need Classic, Personal Engagement

As much as online marketing makes things easier for both the customer and the company, human beings still crave personal engagement. One of the best things you can do for both your customers and your marketing campaign is to take it offline. Creating a space where your customers can really get to know your brand, can make for a whole new wave of opportunities. Doing something as little as organizing events associated with your company AT LEAST twice a year can really do wonders.

And, if all else fails…

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Bring Online Marketing and Offline Marketing Together

We get it. Bringing your company offline is difficult. While we urge you to work on that as much as possible, there are other ways to go about it. Why not bring your online marketing and offline marketing together? This way, you make this transition to the balance swift and easy. This can be done by having customers share a photo or video using your product at home. It could be holding a contest to provide a real-life, offline, customer experience for one lucky member. Or, it could involve asking your customers to tweet their favorite thing about your product, and you tweeting back at them! What about making user-generated content? Remember, it’s all about the customer experience, and you making it accessible to everyone, with or without an internet connection.

And, Don’t Forget to Check the Numbers!

If you think you were successful at bringing your online marketing campaign offline, well, were you? When you start experimenting with different marketing tactics, it’s crucial that you analyze. Was your strategy was effective? Imagine if you notice that your offline campaign is actually kicking off with customers way more than your online version? Something to think about and certainly alter for future campaigns.