We don’t take political stances on Yodle Insights, but suffice to say, Donald Trump is one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory. Against all odds, he’s polling better than ever: the CNN Poll of Polls currently finds Trump tops Cruz 33% to 17% in the race for the Republican nomination.

So how does a guy with no political career suddenly dominate the Republican polls? His advisors have committed to time-tested marketing principles. Here’s the top marketing takeaways from Trump’s success:

Mission Simplicity
Donald Trumps’ campaign is engineered around one memorable slogan – “Make America Great Again”. Your service might solve a lot of problems. Your product might have a lot of features. But Trump (as well as brands like Uber and Apple) can all testify that a marketing campaign should be free of superfluous choices, options, or nuance.

Marketing Takeaway: Drop the frilly adjectives and boil your mission down to your most powerful value add.

Strategic Apologies

Have you ever accidentally sent an incorrect email blast out or made a marketing blooper?

There’s a very specific way of apologizing that satisfies two key conditions: placating the client without accepting guilt. Donald Trump has become a master of diverting attention away from the issue and winning the public back with off-the-wall apologies like: “Apologizing is a great thing but you have to be wrong. I will apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong.”

Marketing Takeaway: Even if your service has negative attributes in quality, customer service, communication, or price points – it only takes a well crafted apology for people to forgive you.

Be a Contrarian

Your prospects are seriously fatigued with the constant inundation of similar ads in their email inboxes, mailboxes, phones, and social media. Trumps advisors know the power of a fresh message, which is why everything Trump has done in his campaign is the absolutely opposite of his competitors.

Marketing Takeaway: To use this tactic for yourself, do some market research and see what your competitors are doing on social media, their blog, and what kinds of promotions they’re offering. When you identify some common themes, you can change up the game and attract attention to your business –for instance, a saturation of open houses on the weekends gives you the opportunity to set up an open house on a week day!

Finally, while Trumps’ campaign seems to be perfectly engineered, there is one lesson that Donald can teach you only indirectly…

Think Before You Speak!

Communications define the ethos of a company, from signage and social media posts to your daily face-to-face client interaction. Before you hit print, send, or publish, always remember to consider the impact of your words.

(Image source: huffingtonpost)