color marketingIf you were shown just the colors of your favorite brand would you be able to recognize them? It’s very likely you would be able to recognize more than just a few. Other than recognition, how else do colors affect us? Is there a science of color in marketing?

Color can have a huge impact on moods, feelings and emotions. It is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and cause physiological reactions.

How Does Color Make You Feel?

Every color evokes a different emotional response. For example, black gives a feeling of power, strength, sophistication, whereas green makes one feel peaceful, calm and natural.

The Logo Company has created a great infographic showing some emotions each color elicits. Looking at the companies under each color you can see why most chose the color they did.

Color and Purchasing Decisions

And what about actions? There is some proof that color not only stirs up emotions, but it also consciously or (more likely) subconsciously drives you to act a certain way.

Analytics company KISSmetrics created the following infographic on the science of how colors affect our purchases.

Do Some Tests

Before you make major changes to your color scheme online, do some tests. Does changing a “Sign Up Now” button from red to blue make a difference, what about from purple to red?

In order to truly test whether color makes the difference you need to keep everything else the same (content, images, etc). Use analytics to determine whether the color change made a statistical difference. Leave the change for at least a few weeks in order to have a large enough sample. As well, try not to change too much at once.

What colors grab your attention? When clicking or making a purchasing decision do you notice color? We’d love to hear your perspective and examples.