Recently I talked about how marketing never stops. If you have that mindset, you will gain momentum!

Do you have marketing momentum?

Momentum definition as defined by World English Dictionary – “Driving power and strength”

I love that phrase – “DRIVING POWER AND STRENGTH”

I have been blessed to be surrounded by some great people in 2012 and this phrase resonates with me in 2012 in my personal and professional goals.

This may sound like more of a motivational post, and it is, but it is really the key to success. You start to see success when you start gaining momentum.

So back to the question, “Do you have marketing momentum?”

Here are some areas I am seeing success and gaining momentum everyday with respect to marketing.


I am finding a strong niche market with respect to our company blog site with the warmer than normal spring temperatures, people are asking a lot of questions and have a lot of concerns. I have been following conversations in the news and on social media sites, especially twitter and have responded with some great information on our Midwest Labs Blog site.


I am exploring new ways to connect with people on Linkedin and I am finding the power of people connecting through other people. I have found people on groups, checked out the list of people that Linkedin thinks I should follow and have been able to gain some valuable contacts and sales on this platform.


The power of connecting is real, but you have to connect with people on a regular basis. This platform is in the early stages, but I am starting to see some real benefits coming to light. Also, don’t forget Google Search is tied in directly with Google+. This power cannot be overstated.


I am back on the twitter bandwagon again. I admit, I was a little bored in 2011, but I am seeing a resurgence on twitter and I think a lot more about the way I word my tweets than just tweeting everything off the top of my head.

Trade Shows

I am seeing a real need to get information into people’s hands. People still like books, brochures and information. We are not a paper-less society yet. People want to meet with people period! Personal contact is still critical


Yes- Every call is a marketing opportunity. I have made more sales by meeting the client’s needs and not selling in 2012. Service will make more additional sales over any one-time promotion.

Other Professionals – Networking

Learn, learn, learn – I meet with lawyers, bankers, other marketers. Everyone likes a good story. Also, people will share with you some of the tough experiences they have had to endure in the last couple of years. Listen and learn from these examples.

Do you have marketing momentum?

Results – By achieving success in these areas. (By the way, I am not alone, I have a great team.) You will see increases in your numbers of new clients, sales, returning clients, (Coming back pre-2008) This is a big group, new clients, more referrals.

Where is your Marketing Momentum at right now?

Here are some things to think about if you are at a low point:

1. Start today and put a stop to projects that are not working!! (This is hard)

2. Social Media – Work with someone who has seen success! ( I like to talk to businesses who have had success)

3. Get away from nay-Sayers in your company. These people will drain you.

4. If you have a good idea, show someone your plan and work at it during business hours and after-hours. It will help you learn and build new skills and it might be the difference maker in your company.

5. Marketing never stops! – You need to be doing something everyday! Schedule time out to work on different initiatives.

It is all about “Power and Strength” and you do not get there overnight. The only way to get there is to work on the right things and say no to the things that are holding you back. Be consistent and work at it everyday. You never know when that big deal will come your way!

Picture by jonel hanopol