Banner ads are everywhere and consumers see them constantly. Marketers have to step outside the 300 by 250 box and do something remarkable and different in order to encourage consumers to click their display ads. Here are five tips for adding value to your banner ads.

1. Mouse Tracking

Despite the thousands of rich media ads Internet users are exposed to every day, some innovative technologies, like mouse tracking, are still underutilized. Interesting uses of mouse tracking technology allow users to alter the look of the banner ad with mouse movements or allow users to see in-banner “hot spots” by hovering.

2. Map

Bridging the gap between online and offline can be challenging, but having a digital media strategy can help do just that. If driving consumers to one of your offline stores is a main objective of your display marketing campaign, try including a map in your banner ads. “Smart Mapping” allows a consumer to enter their zip code to see a customized map of your nearby stores.

3. Calendar Tool

If you have an upcoming contest or product launch, make use of a calendar tool in your banner ads. Consumers can add the date to their online calendars with a simple click using this functionality.

4. Dynamic Creative

Create highly relevant banner ads with customized messaging using dynamic creative. Use a consumer’s IP address, relevant data about their location, browsing behavior, and shopping history for the messaging. Airlines are using this type of messaging to show city-specific price quotes for the user’s location.

5. Integrate Social Media

Incorporating your Twitter feed into your banner ad can be just the thing that catches your consumer’s eye. Volvo first employed this tactic two years ago for the New York Auto Show, but it isn’t often you see it used. Avoid the commonplace links to your Facebook and Twitter and try to brainstorm a way to integrate your social media channels that adds value through additional content.