We’re living in the age of display—display advertizing, that is. A study by eMarketer predicts 2016 is the year we’ll spend more on display ads than search ads. 47.9% of all ad spend is expected to go to digital display ads for a total of $32.17 billion.

What does this mean for businesses trying to reach more customers via display advertising? And what kinds of display ads are expected to be the most effective?

The answers lie in the numbers.

The Big Numbers Behind Display Ads Spending in 2016

Display ads include several categories and formats that can show up across the Google Display Network. From embedded video ads and banners to rich media ads that expand on mouseover, these types of display ads are expected to see significant increases from last year.

  • Video – $9.59 billion
  • Rich media – $7.42 billion
  • Banners and other formats – $13.39 billion
  • Sponsored ads – $1.77 billion

Display advertising

What is Behind the Display Advertising Spend Takeover?

The likely answer to this is mobile.

Just look at the history of display. Display ads have primarily been used to build brand awareness; they haven’t always translated into more clicks. But with the rise of mobile, users are more “aware” than ever. Display ads could become the most effective means of display search because desktop use in general has, for the first time, fallen in favor of smartphones and tablets.

The numbers support this change: 77.5% of display spend is expected to be spent on mobile.

This change has been years in the making. And now it could be time for you to start making a big move to mobile—for your website, for your ads, for everything. Because mobile isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can take advantage of it to attract customers who need your services.

It’s been enough in the past to spread your advertising between both display and search ads. But the numbers show you might benefit from a greater focus on mobile display advertising in 2016.