Consumers in popular listing service industries like auto, financial services, healthcare, home services, and hotels often start their journey with a search engine or listing service query. But these consumers don’t always convert online—many convert by calling after a search. These industries have products and services that are complex, expensive, or urgent, and consumers often need to engage with a live agent over the phone in order to get answers, book appointments, or make purchases.

Top listing service verticles that call companies after a search Source: LSA

Why Should Directories and Listing Services Use Call Attribution and Analytics?

Your clients chose your listing service for a single purpose—to acquire new customers and boost their revenue. But how can you be sure your efforts are yielding results—and prove it to clients—if you aren’t attributing and analyzing the calls you send to them?

Take this common scenario: a visitor calls a client from your listing site. However, you have no idea that the call took place or what happened on the call. Was the caller a qualified sales lead? Was the information on your client’s listing page helpful to them? Did they convert?

This blind spot hinders your ability to provide the best experience to consumers and optimize your marketing efforts to drive more customers to clients. It also harms your ability to report accurate results to your clients. To fill this gap in business intelligence, directory and listing services are using call attribution and analytics powered by AI.

How Does Call Attribution and Analytics Work for Directories and Listings?

To set up call attribution and analytics, simply replace your clients’ listing phone numbers with a set of trackable phone numbers from your call analytics provider.

Add trackable phone numbers to your clients listings

When someone calls from a listing, you’ll be able to capture the following intelligence from each call:

  • That the call took place and where it went
  • Which channel, ad, search keyword, website interaction, or other marketing source each caller engaged with before calling
  • What days and times drive the best calls to clients
  • Which callers you drive to each client are qualified leads
  • Common keywords, phrases, and questions consumers voice on calls
  • Why callers did or did not convert to customers
  • Which clients are best (and worst) at converting callers to customers
  • What percentage of calls to each client go unanswered

Prove and Improve Your Value Proposition to Clients

By capturing these insights and integrating calls within the reports you send to clients—as well as your other marketing tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Marketing Platform, and more—you’ll be able to prove and optimize the value your listing service. You’ll know not only how many calls your listing service is driving to each client, but also how many of calls are actually qualified leads. You’ll also know the number of phone conversions each client received from your site, as well as what drove the call—so you can optimize your own advertising and website content to drive more.

With this concrete call data, you can provide a stronger case to renew the contracts of existing clients. You can also create better case studies and pitches to help acquire new clients. You might also find that you are driving callers to clients from certain marketing campaigns that are of poor quality. Having insights on phone conversations can let you know so you can make the right adjustments to your marketing strategy and spend.

Help Your Clients Improve Their Listing Pages by Addressing Caller FAQs

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. In order to compete in today’s business environment, your clients should provide a frictionless consumer journey from start to finish.

The first step is to ensure your clients’ listing pages are optimized to drive conversions. That means knowing the questions consumers have and making sure your content answers them. You can get a good list of common questions by analyzing consumer phone calls to clients to see what they are asking before making a purchasing decision or booking an appointment or order. For instance, let’s say you run a car rental listing service and one of your clients frequently receives the following questions: “what’s your cancellation policy?” and “do you offer liability coverage?” You can then encourage your client to place the answers to these questions on their listing page, so they can anticipate their audience’s needs and increase conversions.

Help Your Clients Handle Calls More Effectively

Additionally, you can use insights from calls to learn why callers from your site aren’t converting and help your clients make the appropriate adjustments. Even when you’re doing your part to drive quality sales calls, clients may be fumbling on their end by leaving callers on hold for too long, letting calls go unanswered, or failing to leverage the right offers. Using your call data and recordings/transcripts as coaching tools, you can help your clients improve the caller experience to drive more revenue.

To learn more ways your listing service can leverage data from inbound calls, download our eBook, The Digital Marketer’s Playbook for Voice Analytics.