Direct mail has been a tried-and-true marketing tactic for so long that one could be forgiven for thinking that all small businesses are familiar with the best practices involved.

However, the surprising truth is that many small businesses haven’t even tried direct mail marketing yet.

Whether from a lack of experience or a lack of time, small businesses that aren’t using direct mail are missing out on a potentially significant source of local business. Direct mail allows you the ability to get in front of potential customers in a given geographical area. This makes a lot of sense if your product or service is bound by location. Restaurants, home and garden services, and real estate-oriented services are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from direct mail marketing.

If you have been thinking about running your first direct mail campaign, a recent blog post provides some helpful tips for new direct mail marketers.

The article mentions quite a few of the direct mail best practices that have been honed over the years by many marketers, and reminds us about the keys to a successful direct mail marketing campaign:

  • A good list reflecting your target market
  • Accurate addressing data
  • Personalization wherever possible
  • A compelling offer, clearly articulated in your call to action
  • Multiple ways for prospects to get in touch

Finally, the article reminds us of the importance of testing: try it, see what reactions and results you get, and roll those lessons into your next campaign!

What Next:

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What about you? Are you thinking about your first direct mail campaign? What challenges and opportunities are you facing? Please share your experiences below.