I keep hearing people say that one marketing medium is better than the other, or that traditional marketing is dead because of social media.

While I LOVE social media, I also still see the benefit of traditional marketing. I use radio advertising, print advertising and even good ol’ flyers to get the word out because guess what:

Not everyone is glued to their computer!

True story!

The fact is that so many people still are not on social media or don’t even know how to use a computer. While social media and online marketing is rising, that’s just it, it’s still rising little by little.

The majority of people are still reliant on TV, radio & print advertising.

I’m not making a very good case for social media, am I?

I hate to see people jump into social media thinking it’ll solve all their problems. It really depends on your target marketing, the product you’re selling, etc. If your target market is completely online, then hooray! You don’t really need to worry about traditional marketing.

But that is rarely the case. I still pay attention to offline advertising, just as much as online advertising.

Does that mean social media is useless?

Absolutely not! It means that you need to understand where your target market is and go there.

In conclusion, don’t listen to the people who try to tell you one medium is better than the other, because that’s B.S.! Social media is AWESOME, but so is traditional media; let them work together to help get the word out about your biz to the best of their ability.

Are you advertising online and off?