It’s becoming more and more apparent to consumers when their behavior andpersonal information is being used. Just a quick look at the ads displayed on Facebook and in Gmail makes it pretty clear that marketers know a great deal about you, but the more amazing part is when ads start to follow you around the web. Something has to give here and marketers will need to be more sensitive to this and provide consumers with more transparency like Zappos, the online shoe company that tells consumers what it does with their data and allows them to opt-out of personalized ads (often the result of remarketing or retargeting efforts).

There will also have to be some quid pro quo between marketers and consumers relative to the sharing of their personal data and online behavior. Forrester analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo has some interesting views on the evolution of this relative to Personal IDentity Management (PIDM). Many open questions still exist here and marketers really need to innovate and evolve to provide consumers with preference management platforms that are intuitive and allow consumers to easily understand what has been collected. Google dashboard seems like a pretty good example of this as well, but I have not seen many other good examples of ways in which marketers help consumers understand what personal information is being used and how it is used. Can you identify any other good examples?