The Most Damaging Lead Generation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lead generation is vital to the growth of a business.

Actively pursuing leads through an effective marketing strategy is a great way to increase conversion rates and ROI. Some strategies have proven to be effective, but a few missing elements could cause potential leads to slip away.

There are several common mistakes companies make that can hamper their lead generation attempts.

Ineffective Call-to-Action (CTA)

A CTA is the most direct way to encourage a potential lead to engage. If a user is interested in your message but cannot easily find a way to find more information, they will likely move on.

Whatever your marketing tactic may be, it should have a clear CTA that is nearly unavoidable.

For blog posts, include a sentence or two about how to get involved with a direct link to the company’s website. A major CTA faux pas is having text that invites action without a link to lead a user to the page where that action can be taken.

CTA buttons are great tools on landing pages. Make sure your button is easy to find and clearly states what it is for.

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Posts and pages with too many calls-to-action or unattractive calls-to-action can also be ineffective.

Although flashing movements and bright color combinations can draw the eye, they often look tacky and uninviting.

Offering many options for how to engage with content can overwhelm site visitors, and they may end up taking no action. Focus on one desired action, such as filling out an information form.

Once you have the potential customer’s information, you can foster trust and brand recognition naturally.

Irrelevant Offers

Special promotions can be a great way to encourage leads who are on the fence, but they have to be relevant.

Offering a special deal on bed linens to someone with a search history for bath towels probably won’t encourage them to make a purchase. Use data gathered from customer behavior to determine what will be most intriguing and create offers accordingly.

Send out an email survey to existing leads to find out what interests them for further insight.

Not offering any deals at all could be damaging to your lead generation as well. Even a small discount on a highly-desired item could be enough to push a lead to purchase.

Using Non-Responsive Web Design

If your webpage is not responsive, it might be time for your site to get a redesign.

Over half of web searches are now done on mobile phones, meaning if your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on major site traffic.

Responsive web design allows your site to adjust according to the size of the device or browser window. This eliminates the need for horizontal scrolling and makes sites easier to read and navigate with touch screens.

For these reasons, websites that are not mobile-friendly tend to drive away potential leads. As an added bonus, sites optimized for mobile devices have higher organic search rankings on Google.

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Optimize your lead generation strategies by meeting the customer with clear messages, relevant offers and convenient web design.

By making the process easier for them, they will likely go from visitors to leads to customers in no time.