Maybe you wish you could jump on the daily deal bandwagon, but your business isn’t the next LivingSocial or Groupon. You might not have killer deals to offer, but you can still send your subscribers valuable, targeted daily messages they’ll look forward to opening.

Most daily deal email subscribers open their messages at least once a day. Most are also excited to see the newest deal in their inbox. You can capture the spirit of the daily deal frenzy by serving up a different mix of content.

That’s what Daily Kibble – an online pet store in disguise – does with its daily emails for pet owners. Learn more from their email marketing campaign (and a few others, too!) to see what kind of daily content you can use to keep your subscribers engaged.

Daily Kibble’s Campaign

Daily Kibble employs an editorial team that hunts down – in their words – “the latest, greatest, hottest and coolest everything… for pets.” From products and services to pet-friendly travel destinations, Daily Kibble covers all the bases that matter to pet owners.

So what makes their daily campaign valuable? They don’t just market products, they market daily solutions for pet owners. Whether it’s pet-friendly hotels and day trips or a pet food delivery service, their emails make pet owners’ lives a little easier every day. They sell their most popular products in their own Amazon storefront, adding a novel “undercover” approach to their daily campaign.

Other Daily Campaigns

Maybe you don’t have a web store to promote like Daily Kibble. There are plenty of other successful daily campaigns to draw inspiration from. Find a theme related to your business or industry and decide what kind of information will benefit your subscribers most.

Food Network shares a Recipe of the Day:

RealSimple Magazine inspires subscribers with a Daily Thought:

…and Martha Stewart gets subscribers crafty with her Craft of the Day:

Did you notice the common theme in each of these examples? Here’s a hint: They all cross-sell additional content and products alongside their daily offerings. Food Network links to more recipes, RealSimple directs readers to more problem-solving emails, and Martha Stewart includes a download related to the day’s craft project.

The links relate to the content but also open up more revenue opportunities from your daily emails.

Your Daily Campaign

You can accomplish the same under-cover advertising techniques with the appropriate content. Focus on the value for your customers first and make sure any additional promotions tie in with the day’s message.

Think about ways you can improve your customers’ lives. Whether it’s recommending cool, time-saving products – that are related to your brand and truly helpful, like Daily Kibble’s – or sharing daily nuggets of wisdom, make your content indispensable.

To start your own daily campaign, you’ll need to create a broadcast message for each daily email you want to send. Don’t worry, we have some tips to make the process less labor-intensive!

  • Create several broadcasts in advance and schedule them to send on later dates. You might sit down on a Sunday afternoon and write all the messages for the upcoming week. Schedule each message for the day you want it to send, click the “Queue” button and your emails will send on the days they’re scheduled for. Simple.
  • Send daily blog posts with a blog broadcast. Post to your blog every day and create a blog broadcast to automatically send new posts as emails to your subscribers. You can set the sending frequency to “Every Day” and check the “Send Automatically” box so you only have to focus on updating your blog.
  • Save time on your design with a pre-made email template. Choose a design you like and stick with it. Templates keep your design consistent and save you from having to focus too much attention on the perfect layout for your content.

Are Daily Emails Right For You?

Daily emails can work without the allure of the deal as long as you have compelling content that your subscribers will care about. Like Daily Kibble. They know their customers and share a product a day to enhance their (and their furry friends’) lives.

How do you feel about daily email campaigns? Is it too much in the inbox? Have you tried one and seen results with your own subscribers?