There seems to be this assumption that mobile marketing only works for online stores, send them a link to your website and hey presto you’ve got a sale – well that is essentially correct! But even if you have an actual store, your customers’ mobiles are just as important…

Even if the customer is shopping by walking around your physical store rather than sitting in their home using their thumb, it seems that their mobile will still somehow find its way out of their pocket or handbag and into their hands as they stroll around your store.


So why are people using their smartphones in your store?

Well the guys over at SessionM have conducted some research into exactly that, and as you may have expected it’s another area where the behavior of men and women differ…

In-store women use their smartphone to…

  1. 66% are searching for coupons or deals
  2. 62% are accessing their saved coupons or deals
  3. 62% are comparing prices

And then the men are…

  1. 53% are checking product reviews
  2. 52% are accessing saved coupons or deals
  3. 62% are comparing prices

There are no prizes for those of you who guessed that prices and offers would feature high up the lists as we all love to find a good bargain… But how can you stop browsing customers walking around your store and putting their phone back in their pockets and leaving?

Well some more recent research into shopping habits by Retale has revealed that…

57% of shoppers were more likely to shop at a store if there were available deals/offers in store

76% of shoppers were more likely to shop at a store if loyalty programs were available

These two stats represent opportunities. Opportunities to convert the browsing shopper into a customer so they shouldn’t be shied away from.

So is there a way we can take the customers need and want to browse, search and play with their mobile phones, and add their need and want for deals/offers and loyalty programs to create the perfect customer experience?

Welcome to mobile marketing!

You could have posters/signs on display in your store advertising your mobile loyalty scheme, even at the till…

“Are you signed up? Sign up to our mobile loyalty scheme and get 10% off your first purchase”

When customers are offered the chance to get 10% off their purchase they are sure not to turn it down, and before long you will have a very large bank of customer data and members in your loyalty scheme to send upcoming news and offers to.

So do not shy away from the mobile revolution, instead embrace it and see it as a chance to turn your browsing ‘just looking thanks’ customers, into money spending customers.