crowd with moneyThe crowd funding market is, well, crowded. But new and innovative ways of getting the word out are cropping up in all kinds of places – like the brand new Hispanic startup site Crowdismo.

The Need for a Hispanic Crowd Funding Platform

José Huitron, one of the founders of Crowdismo, describes the current state of the Hispanic market as full of “opportunity, motivation, aspiration, altruism, and hustle” – with an added note that the market itself has spend power of $1.2 trillion.

The belief is that Crowdismo will have an enormous impact on the Central Coast, among other communities with thriving [email protected] populations. Huitron believes that not only tech companies but also the entirety of the Hispanic creative economy deserve funding, and that Crowdismo could be the way to do it by creating jobs, tax revenue, and even reshape the identity of the entire [email protected] community.

How Crowdismo Works

Like any other crowdfunding site, Crowdismo depends not only on people creating projects, but also on other people funding these projects. Huitron himself is very excited about Hispanic philanthropy statistics; according to Experian Simmons data, 47% of Hispanics living in the United States donated to a charity or nonprofit philanthropic organization in 2011. According to a Forbes study released last year, 69% of Hispanic survey respondents ranked the importance of helping people in need very highly.

Crowdismo capitalizes on the philanthropic attitudes and creative energy of the Hispanic community, and it’s already showing. The site boasts a couple of different pilot projects, one an international folk art support program that has already been funded.

Not yet up and running at quite the level of Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, Crowdismo is, however, definitely one to watch – with many of the tips and tricks for getting noticed on larger-scale crowd funding sites definitely useful at this scale as well.

What do you think of Crowdismo? Would you help fund a project that specifically benefits the Hispanic community?