In today’s fiercely competitive market, it’s those who think outside-of-the-box which often prevail. Of course, all marketing campaigns should include the tried and tested methods, but a unique approach can work wonders. Take a look at these 10 creative marketing tips to boost sales and optimise presence on the web.

Monitor the competition

If you have a Facebook business page, you’ll have the option of following other accounts using the ‘Pages to Watch’ feature. Now you can monitor the competition, analysing those posts that generate the most engagement (likes and shares). Using this knowledge to your advantage, you can implement their successful strategies with your own.

Include video

Attracting users to your website is only the first hurdle, retaining this new audience is the biggest challenge. Consider optimising areas of your website with large amounts of text and replacing with videos. Statistics show that retention rate for visual information can reach 65% as opposed to 10% for the text alternative. This engaging tool can be a great way to showcase your product or service and those who watch the full video are more likely to convert.

Host a webinar

Webinars are a great platform to promote your product and provide credibility as a recognised industry authority. In return, you can make it a requirement for all attendees to register with contact details. These newly found sale leads could then be followed up with further promotion.

Start a contest

It may be a quick fix, but starting a giveaway of some sort can rapidly increase social media followers and drive traffic your site. Be sure to add a ‘share this competition’ feature if your entry form is placed on your website. Alternatively, for those posting on social, encourage users to share by making it the requirement to qualify.

Post a Vine

This 6-second video clip platform is often overlooked by organisations. Owned by Twitter, every time you Tweet one of these clips, it will automatically display the video and you can add a backlink to your site. It’s a hip way to showcase a product or give a teaser that could encourage users to click through and see more.

Create a SlideShare

Content sharing platform, SlideShare receives more than 51.6 million visitors every month. It seems the humble slideshow presentation has never been more popular. It’s a great tool to give an easy-to-digest overview of a long blog post. This can then be linked back to the blog and includes shareable options for all social media.

Write an ebook

Ever fancied yourself as an author? If you’re knowledgeable on a subject within your industry, it could be worth sharing this expertise via a comprehensive ebook. It may seem time consuming but you can even collate past blog posts into a mega-collection. Try to choose a popular industry topic or one that is currently a source of controversy. People will be much more likely to read a preview and even purchase the ebook.

Share on Reddit

The ‘front page of the internet’ can be an invaluable marketing tool. It’s made even more impressive with its thousands of subcategories, otherwise known as subreddits. These allow users to post in tailored niches, targeting a very specific audience. Start sharing engaging content with backlinks and you can attract premium, qualified users to your site.