Convention booths are a major channel of brand exposure and new customer intake, but unless they promote a creative and interactive experience for visitants, they may well fail to generate the kind of long-term expansion of your customer base they are intended to produce.

There are a multitude of creative strategies, trends and tactics that have become popular in recent days, but some of the most sustainable, unique and successful booth design ideas often include the following:

  • charging-stationIf booth space allows, spacious lounge areas where booth visitors can sit down in comfortable seating, wait while their phones recharge at docking stations and interact with each other and with booth displays and booth staff.

This “cozier” atmosphere turns your booth into a virtual “chat center” where questions are asked and opinions are voiced. Remember that trade shows are a place for human interaction. Don’t miss out on such a powerful marketing tool by overwhelming attendees with junk that is not memorable.

  • Provision of food and drink items. You will need to get a good attendance estimate from the convention sales person or website and check if food is restricted to prepackaged only. If not, think of items people crave at shows.

Number one item; refreshments! Relieve attendees with a glass of water or a small cup of coffee. You can cut down on the numbers by requiring them to become social media fans or tack it on as “Complimentary with product purchase”. Remember, anything unique and memorable.

  • High-tech equipment in abundance to both see and interact with. Trade shows are notorious for having the newest and most innovative tech advancements. Unless you are one of these developers you may want to keep it somewhat simple.


Big-screen televisions can line the booth’s exterior or interior, touch-screen computer “tours” can get visitants involved, and customized digital games themed around your products or services will leave a lasting impression. You need to show your business is “tech savvy” in the digital age, especially if you are advertising a tech-industry company. If not, you will at least have a one up on the competition.

  • Live entertainment like musical performances, live artist demos, professional demos and giveaways can be incredibly effective drawing in massive crowds. Karaoke and videoke machines can be used to allow visitant participation. Don’t underestimate an instrumental performance either, for unique instruments played beautifully and in-person are a rare, much-appreciated treat in the age of digital music.
  • celebrity-impersonatorCelebrity impersonations. When someone sees Iron man, Elvis, or Tiger Woods at your booth, it is sure to gain some attention. You can also add in a chance to pose with these impersonators in a photo booth. Just make sure your celebrity matches up with the convention theme!

Room to roam and relax in, unique eats, interactive tech displays, live entertainers, and celebrity impersonators are some of the basic creative convention booth ideas that have great potential to pull in more visitants. Some of these strategies have gained popularity due to their creativity, interactive nature, and long-lasting impression on customers.

Using these suggestions and some simple brainstorming with creative colleagues is sure to lead to something no one has done before. THIS is what makes trade show booths memorable.