Marketing ReportsToday, the focus is on “big data” or keeping up with mobile technology.

Companies are popping up everywhere with the latest developments in technology. Consumers are being hit with new promotions like the following:

  • Control your heating and air with this app from your phone.
  • Have all your soil data and finances delivered straight to your tractor.
  • Install voice-activated lighting for your home.
  • Know where your kids are at all times with this location app

By continuing to market technology, many of us might be missing the real benefit from all of this technology. That benefit is…


It sounds simple, but I really feel it is the missing link and one that I am looking at closely. Companies are going to have to do a better job of taking data and passing it to the buyers of their products and services. You are starting to see examples of this output in a variety of industries:

  • New nutritional food labels – Right now the consumer has to determine if the food content meets his/her dietary needs. A simpler, cleaner label would accomplish this task and help people gain knowledge in this area.
  • Online banking- Consumers can make decisions and setup payment processes on their schedule from the convenience of their phone.
  • Cover – (New) iphone/android app that allows people to put go to a restaurant and make payment on their food without being interrupted by the serving staff. This app is only available in New York and San Francisco, but it really

As you can see, if you make processes simple and reporting of information is cleaner, technology can help drive this process.


Marketing fits nicely into this picture. It is time for marketing departments to not only develop communications, but also create reports to help people in their decsion-making process. In many ways, selling data may be a better option then the specific product or service. Amazon is one of the best companies at addressing this need. Amazon does the following:

  • Provides product/service information
  • Provides easy access online and one-click buying
  • Provides follow-up email information based on your recent purchases
  • Provides feedback from other buyers
  • Offers everyone the opportunity to share their feedback regarding the product.
  • Gives higher-end clients perks like free shipping.
  • Gives information regarding the author or service provider

In the end, Amazon provides its clients with a virtual report on many different levels. People can go to the site and gather a lot of information in a short period of time and make decisions on their time.

Where is your company at with respect to this model? What would it take for your company to offer this type of information?

This model may not be suitable for all industries, but it does provide a framework of putting the decision-maker in control and how critical it is that decision-making information be given to people in a simple and easy-accesible format.

Something to think about!

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